Valentine’s Date Ideas

Valentine's Date Ideas

Love is in the air with all hearts on display and hymns of deep affection on loop — have you made plans for Valentine’s day yet?

Most couples, friends, and families celebrate this day with roses, chocolates, wines, and a romantic candlelight dinner and while these ways might be a tradition for some, trying to explore some new ways to spend Valentine’s day won’t hurt. 

How do you plan a perfect Valentine’s Day? 

There is no definite procedure for planning the perfect valentine’s day celebration — you just have to be spontaneous! 

For myself, I think first about one thing that my partner and I value — and in our case, that’s wellness! Sure this may come off differently for different people but basically, we would want to think about something that would make us feel great and at the same time benefit us both physically, emotionally and mentally

Ideas to celebrate Wellness on Valentine’s Day

Getting a Massage

Valentine's Date Ideas

Who wouldn’t want a treat of magic touch to soothe one’s pains and stresses of the long day? Massages can help release endorphins into our bloodstreams and thus, making anyone feel better. And guess what? Valentine’s day for 2020 falls on a Friday so getting a massage might be a good way to end the weak.

Digital Detox

Valentine's Date Ideas

An article in 2019 revealed that statistics recorded that an average person actually spends 2 hours and 51 minutes per day with their smartphones. In addition, 22% of us check our phones from time to time while 51% of users check their phones a few times per hour. While this may not sound as alarming as it should be, learning some common effects of too much phone usage may be vital for your health. To name some, too much phone use causes inflammation to your tendons and encourages certain conditions. Others experience poor eyesight due to the mobile phone radiations, while some experience headaches, decreased level of attention and shortness of temper, sleep apnea and worst, depression. For this valentine’s day, encourage your partner or any loved one to take on a digital detox. Keep your phones away from yourselves for a day and converse as if it was 1925. This way, you are also able to have a relationship reboot to which, you might now know you need most unless you try doing such.


Valentine's Date Ideas

It’s time to show your love and affection not only to your partners, friends, and family but also to your neighbors. Look around, there are a lot of volunteering activities around that allow you to give help to others and even to pets! It’s always a good day to give help. On one note, the act of volunteering gives you another opportunity to appreciate life and even gives you a deeper sense of connection with society.

Go Hiking

Perhaps you may keep away from planning an extravagant trip for this valentine’s day and consider hiking instead. Though this may not be the first activity to come into your mind when we think about the H-town, there are actually places where we can hike, sweat off, and enjoy some downtown views such as the Buffalo Bayou hike and bike trail, the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center, Terry Hershey Hike and Bike trail, among others.

Gym Time

Challenge your partner or any of your loved ones for a fitness day and see how fun working out will be! This may be a daily routine for both of you but thinking about trying out bigger challenges together on Valentine’s Day such as achieving 143 Burpees, Squats, or killing it with a 1 minute and 43 seconds plank may be a new way to make working out more exciting this February 14th! 

Going Solo on Valentine’s Day? 

Valentine's Date Ideas

While others are with their loved ones, their families, and friends, do know that it’s also okay to go solo on Valentine’s day and celebrate the love you have for yourself –focus on yourself, see where you need to improve, find time to make peace with yourself and treat yourself out for working so hard! It’s all good! You can still get a massage, do a digital detox, volunteer, go hiking, and even challenge yourself to do better routines in the gym on valentine’s day! 

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