“Why need transformation when I already look fit?” This question may be raised by an individual who receives many promotional offers about transformation programs.  While others are struggling to stay fit and healthy, we have to be aware that a person’s routine always has something to do with one’s health.

Transformation for Healthier Self

Going to work daily, meeting the demands of his career and rewarding oneself with gastronomic meals, partying on Friday nights and staying on the couch to watch his favorite series on Sundays — there are people who seem to look active and healthy but have slowly deteriorating health on the inside.

The Invisible Fat

The invisible fat

Dr. Jimmy Bell, professor of molecular imaging at Imperial College, London, quoted, “Being thin doesn’t automatically mean you’re not fat”.

People who focus mainly on their diet without even thinking of getting into physical activities are most likely to gain internal fat deposits. That means a slim figure does not guarantee good health. That means, being lean does not give these people immunity to cancer, diabetes, heart diseases.

THE RISK OF INTERNAL FAT. Some skinny people may be unhealthy. Although doctors are still unsure of the exact dangers of internal fat, it is still a suspect for contributing heart diseases and diabetes. This is because of its capacity to send the body mistaken chemical signals to store fat in organs such as the liver.



Through the years, the numbers of obese people have become so alarming.

Obesity chooses no specific type of person. The condition depends mostly on your lifestyle.

You do not have to look big to be obese. In a study, people with internal fat are on the threshold of being obese. Sometimes even, skinny people are more likely to fall into the risks of mortality that fat but active people.


What You Get For Being Healthy

The cliche, health is wealth may be overused but this remains always true. The list could go endless for all the great things you can get for being healthy but on top of it all, being healthy is the cause of almost all positive things possible!



To be loved and be in love makes your heart beat with excitement especially knowing that you are waking up next to the person you love the most. But to be healthy and in love gives you more time, more years to share life together, play with your grandchildren and dance to your favorite melodies right before the sun goes down to kiss a good day goodbye. Longevity is a gift given to those who strive to live in wellness as they do all efforts in their younger years to battle strongly against all health-related issues.



Unhealthy people are those people who often experience stress, irritation and anxiety. These are the people who feel too tired to get up in the morning and feel unexcited about the things happening in their daily lives. But if you live in good health, you often grasp the positive vibes of life and feel motivated at all time. You have the strength to live the day with your most uplifting mood and get to end the day with a smile and breathing to the words, “this has been a wonderful day, I truly can’t wait to welcome a new day tomorrow”. Happiness is effortless for a healthy person.



A healthy mind and a happy heart set everything at peace. You release the minimal stress you got from work through sweating it off on your workout routine. You no longer have to worry much about what tomorrow could bring because you know that you can get through the day strongly.

The Transformation You Need

transformation you need

Take into consideration, super-sized Sumo wrestlers. Despite the rippling layers of fat, these people may have better metabolic profile than those slim, sedentary people. Thus, recognizing the importance of an active lifestyle.

For those who wish to shed some pounds, dieting may be enough. But to those who want to actually be healthy, incorporating exercises into one’s lifestyle is the best thing to do.

And that is what Dewayne J. Malone wants to teach every person. He wants them to be passionate about health and wellness. He wants these individuals to battle against the risk of diabetes, cancer, obesity and all other health-related issues.

In 2019 through Natural Promotions, Dewayne J. Malone proudly introduces the new Musclemania Texas show category, “Transformation”. ALL individuals regardless of who they are and what they do, can join and be the best versions of themselves!

In this category, individuals learn about fitness and routines and even present themselves confidently.

The Transformation category is applicable to all Musclemania Texas shows in 2019. These are; Texas Shredder Classic on March 9th, Lone Star on June 1st and Space City on August 11th.

For more information, send us a message at againstalloddsfitness1@gmail.com

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