Transformation Challenge

Transformation does not happen overnight. It happens over time with continued efforts, dedication, and hard work. This September, we bring you an improved transformation challenge that promotes a cleaner, healthier lifestyle for those who are serious about making a better change. This is the Alkaline Transformation Challenge.

In May 2018, Dewayne J. Malone launched the 21-day Transformation Challenge. The program didn’t require any gym equipment or traveling from your place to the gym. Instead, the program provided a three-week meal plan, an 8-minute challenge workout routine, some healthy recipes, and food substitution lists. With all these, we witnessed lots of great transformation stories within 2 years (and counting, for individuals who purchased the 21-day Transformation E-book). 

For a moment, we took a pause from group transformation challenges to create a better and improved program which we now call, the Alkaline Transformation Challenge

Transformation Challenge

What do I get from this Alkaline Transformation Program?

Alkaline Meal plan

Your very own Alkaline Meal Plan based on your current weight.

Alkaline Food Substitution List

One thing you'll learn from this program is creating your own alkaline meal plan based on your preferred food item! You may use the substitution sheets as your reference.

Workout Programs

This challenge does not require you to be in the gym. But if you ever run into one, you have the option to use these workout programs! You may also ask for alternative workouts that you can do at home using body weight.

8-Minute Challenge Routine

Our 8-minute challenge is an interval intensity exercise that you can do anytime and anywhere to help you get best results!

Private Facebook Group

You are challenging yourself but you are never alone! You get to encourage, be inspired, motivated and even learn from all the other members of the group including Dewayne!

Private Zoom Sessions with Dewayne Malone

It's a learning program! On some days throughout the challenge, Dewayne will run a zoom video session to interact with everyone in the group. This is the best time to sweat out or ask and learn from him.


The Alkaline Diet aims to rejuvenate your body internally, refresh your organs, and help you transform externally. Through this program, we seek to give our bodies a break from all bad food choices and teach individuals about making healthier choices that allow them to drop body fat and feel better about themselves internally and externally.

Besides losing weight, the Alkaline diet also lowers the risk of some chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, and cancer. You will be given options for specific foods that will improve the alkalinity of your body and you will need to go on several fasting as your means of cleansing during this transformation challenge. 

How long do I have to do this challenge?

The longer the better but for our Alkaline Transformation Challenge, we provide you with three options: 

  • 21-day Alkaline Transformation Challenge
  • 30-day Alkaline Transformation Challenge
  • 42-day Alkaline Transformation Challenge 

Can anyone join this Alkaline Transformation Challenge?

This challenge is for anyone with a family history of cancer, obesity, high blood pressure, inflammation, and arthritis or if you’re just sick and tired of being tired, then this challenge is for you! However, do know that Alkaline Transformation Challenge requires a lot of fasting and limits on specific food items. We highly recommend that only those who can strictly follow a structured diet plan would join the program. As much as possible, please join only IF you have experience in following a structured meal plan already or if you are strong enough to survive long fast without compromising your health.

We recommend that you also consult with your doctor first to see if this meal plan will suit you. Before you join this challenge, be sure to sign our Liability form. 

Once done, email the signed form to

What if I can’t do the Alkaline Transformation Challenge?

If you think that the Alkaline Transformation Challenge is not doable for you but you still want to start your transformation journey, you may want to purchase our 21-day Transformation Challenge Regular Ebook for $49.99.

  • A three-week meal plan (choice of weight loss, vegan or keto)
  • A three-week workout program
  • An 8-minute challenge routine
  • Food substitution list
  • Healthy Recipes

What else do I need?

Revicore Foundation Kit is required for maximum results. For orders, please click on Revicore Foundation Kit.

Seamoss gel is an amazing calorie and preservative-free product that would be a good addition to your Alkaline Meals, for orders, please use this code M0SS30 and purchase from this link:

How much is the membership and how do I sign up?