Things You Need to Know About Natural Promotions Shows

Where Can I Find More Show Information?

As of now, all show information including the registration forms for all shows and The Texas Prep Camp may be found in

Where can I purchase the tickets for admission, entry fee and Texas Prep Camp? or you may also email [email protected] to get Dewayne Malone’s Venmo QR code

How Do I Register for The Show?

Registration takes only three simple steps:

1. Complete the entry form and send it to [email protected]

2. You may find the entry form at under the 2021 Shows tab in the menu. Also, send your photo.

3.Pay for the registration fee.
Wait for the confirmation and prepare for the show.

Is there anything I need to prepare or purchase before the show?

You should purchase the GBO card from no later than one week before the show.

Where can I find the Information of the Host Hotel for the Mild High Championship?

Please scroll through the last part of this page: or choose Host Hotels in the menu part in

Where should I go if I forget about these links?

We have a one-link that could send you various options for the information you may need. To get through that link, visit Dewayne’s IG account @dewaynejmalone and click the link in the bio.

Or visit

What time does the Mild High Championship Start? 

12 noon

What time does the registration start at the Host Hotel for Mild High Championship?

6 pm – 8 pm, July 23, 2021

Where do I get the show admission tickets for family, friends, supporters? 

You may purchase the tickets from
Tickets are also available at

After the purchase, please wait for a confirmation email with an E-ticket copy.

How much is the athlete’s entry fee for the show? 

The entry fee for all athletes in one category is $150. However, competitors may also do a crossover between classes (for example Masters and Open), as well between different divisions for $75.

For other questions and concerns, please reach us via email at [email protected]


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