The Holiday Drama: How to Spend a Healthy July Fourth

July four

Flags on rise and waving, people drooling over the enticing smell of grilled food, hotdogs everywhere — it’s that time of the year again when people come together to the reminisce the day we’ve embraced our independence, and the best part of the night of July Fourth is getting to witness the colorful fireworks with your loved ones.

This is probably one of the joyous events that we get to celebrate each year. It’s the time when we get to munch on a gastronomic display of dishes on the table, share great conversations with some glasses of wines and beers and sing the best alternative songs we’ve known in a chorus. It’s the fourth of July but most of us spend a week-long celebration and the dilemma that lies within — especially for people who care too much of their shapes — is how we get to fit our post-holiday denim jeans after long cheat week.

Celebrating wellness on July Fourth


While the holiday is all about having fun and treating your bellies with some good food, it is also not wrong to keep reminding yourself of the need to spend a healthy holiday — simply put, wellness means happiness.

How to spend a healthy holiday?

There are ways to not wreck your diet even on holidays so as not to experience post-holiday dramas:

Less serving per meal.

less serving per meal

Who cares if you eat too often during the holidays? What matters most is how you challenge yourself to take smaller servings per meal. Research states that the frequency of you, eating, does not reflect the number of calories you’ll be burning in a day but it does make a difference in terms of keeping you satisfied. Observing regular intervals for your meals with complex carbohydrates and little amount of protein and fat may speed up your metabolism.

Move around.

move around

The best part of the holidays is how most families spend time together on a vacation. To celebrate wellness during July Fourth, don’t just tuck yourself in your hotel room all day. Go out, go biking, swimming, or running. Allow yourself to be kissed by the sun’s light and enjoy a little dripping of sweat.

Lean meats for barbecue.

lean meat

To achieve weight loss, the best thing you can do is to control or count your calorie intake. And by eating more lean meats, especially during a barbecue holiday, you get to lower your fat content. Cheat day ain’t really a cheat day after all, don’t you think?

Alternate drinking of Alcohol.


Let’s face it — holidays may also be all about the number of cheers you make with your family and friends. While you may get yourself two to three glasses of cocktails, it is also a good advice that you take intervals in drinking alcohol. By this, I mean, drink a cocktail this time and later, take a non-alcoholic beverage.

Stay Hydrated.

drinking water

Water — always drink water. You may be out and enjoying the sun but always remember to still drink lots of water to keep you hydrated throughout the holidays — especially if alcoholic drinks have become, let me say, a staple drink for most on celebrations like these.

Sign up for an online fitness program.

online fitness

Even when you’re away, there is one way for you to still follow through your workout routines and even your suggested diet. Dewayne Malone’s online fitness programs — may it be the 21-day transformation challenge, the 30-day fitness or the 12-week transformation — it is surely highly beneficial for you as with all these, you may get access to suggested workout routines and meal plans whenever and wherever. And even if you would want to take a break for an entire week and probably decide on extending your vacation, your transformation program will still be a click away from accessing all the documents provided.


The holiday drama of July Fourth and all other holidays is indeed an alarming one if you never knew of all these tips. Meanwhile, even dietitians can attest to saying how much you can still have fun without getting any barbecue hangovers after and again, I’d repeat — wellness means happiness.