Personal Training

Personal Training. Whether you are trying to lose weight or gain, tone up, join a competition or simply stay healthy, our personal training is best for you!  Dewayne Malone’s experience is priceless and in fact, we have had a lot of successful transformation stories for several years now. Not just that, Dewayne has already won 4x Natural World titles, Mr. Universe title, Texas State Natural overall champion, numerous national and local titles. You surely are in the best hands on the planet! He has produced and transformed the physique of public figures, bikini models, Physique World Champions and a host of bodybuilders.

Our Personal Training includes two options: Private and Dual Transformation Package. 

Our Private Transformation package is the best option for people who wish to train alone to achieve very specific goals such as competition training, conditional training, losing/gaining/toning. Private transformation sessions are 30-minute sessions, in-person or online, which can be used within a month or at least 4-weeks after package purchase. 

Our Dual Transformation package is the best deal for people who wish to work on a goal and would not mind working out with one more client with the same goal in some of the sessions (training partner may vary). Dual transformation sessions are 30-minute sessions, in-person or online,  which can be used within a month or at least 4-weeks after package purchase. 


My resume speaks for itself.


Online Fitness Programs. Our online Fitness programs give you the option to do your personal fitness journey on your own using our instructional guide, customized meal plans and workouts! Whether you are trying to lose weight or gain, tone up, join a competition or simply stay healthy, enroll in one of our online fitness programs and enjoy the luxury of time and accessibility!

  • 21-Day Transformation Challenge
    Take on the 21 day weight loss challenge anytime, anywhere! The 21-Day Transformation Challenge is a Fitness Ebook that has your own progress tracker, a 21-day workout program and a three-week meal plan (option to choose from regular weight loss, vegan and keto: $79
  • Alkaline Transformation Challenge The Alkaline Diet aims to rejuvenate your body internally, refresh your organs, and help you transform externally. Our Alkaline Transformation Challenge shall provide a meal plan, a diet calendar, an alkaline food list, healthy recipes, and you may also check with Dewayne for guidance. You may take the challenge alone and start as soon as you pay or you may choose to join a group for continued support!: $250
    Group Challenge begins on May 1st, 2021 (subject to change). 
  • Customized Workout Programs You may be one who wishes to achieve a goal but does not require a gym session with Dewayne Malone. No worries! Dewayne Malone can create a customized workout program for you based on your needs and goals:   $30/workout program ***Arrangement for bundled customized workout program packages are also available. Contact us to know more!
  • Wellness Program Dewayne Malone teams up with Echo Vogel to bring you full transformation through our fitness and wellness benefits! Package includes 4 30-minute personal training sessions with Dewayne Malone, a customized meal plan, 4 sessions of Life coaching and an instructional workout video! $465.

nutrition program

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My process starts with a brief one-on-one interview to discover how many macronutrient your body needs to achieve your goals. Then I will design a customized nutrition plan based on your height, weight, age, goals and activity level with only your favorite foods! All our plans are reviewed by our certified nutritionist. You can substitute protein for protein, fruit for fruit fat, fat veggie for veggie and carb for carb. Start your transformation and achieve your goal.

  • 8-week Customized Nutrition Program: $500 
  • Individual Meal Plan Based on Weight: $50
  • Meal Plan Adjustment: $50


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