A Letter to Everyone from Robbie Pape

It’s not every day that we meet someone as motivated as Robbie Pape. She has been Dewayne’s loyal client — for both in-person and online training. Today, Robbie shares her letter about how an online transformation program like the 21-day transformation challenge of Dewayne Malone can make a change in a busy executive and mom’s life.

As a busy executive with a team of over 2000 employees, I always look to improve myself, find ways to stay healthy and be a positive role model for all of them and my 14-year-old daughter.  When Dewayne Malone began explaining his 21 Day Transformation program, my first thought was that ‘this is different’! As I embarked on Cycle 1, then Cycle 2, 3 and 4, I found that it is, indeed, different.  It fit perfectly with my goals of staying fit, eating healthy and being a positive role model to others.

The biggest challenge for me is staying with my eating and workout plan when most people in my life don’t.  In fact, often they encourage me to skip a workout or drink with them when we’re out. With the 21 Day Transformation program, I was included with a group of like-minded people who communicated through a closed Facebook group.  This was a game-changer for me! Being motivated by them and helping to motivate others made a huge difference for me. It also helped me say NO to the folks in my life who wanted me to stray.

The 2nd game changer for me is the food.  First, it was completely different than what I was eating.  I was reintroduced to veggies and fruit! It has a balance of animal and plant-based proteins. What is so interesting to me is that I feel so much better on the plant-based days!  I travel a lot and found that every hotel I went to was eager to provide me with the food I needed – all I did was ask! I also found Smoothie Kings in every city where they created my green smoothie to my exact specifications!  I was energized by the other ‘transformers’ or program participants and managed to stay on track with my food even while travelling.  I also used the hotel gyms to keep up my workouts.

Dewayne encourages every participant to find 45 minutes in his or her day to do cardio.  He also provides daily weight workouts. Finally, he challenges all of us to take the daily 8-Minute challenge.  This is 8-minutes of body-weight movements that include 6 exercises, 1 minute each, with a 20-second rest between.  I realized I can do ANYTHING for only 8 minutes and so can you! We all shared videos and pictures of our food and of us performing the challenge.  This was so motivating!

I highly recommend the 21 Day Transformation program to anyone who wants to change their approach to get a different result.  Ultimately, I have lost 15 pounds and have kept it off! By the way, I’m also a 53-year-old female and in menopause so don’t listen to those who say you can’t lose weight after 50 – that’s BS!  Change your mindset, join this program and watch what happens!

Take the first step and invite everyone in your life and on your team at work to join with you.  You’ll be glad you did!


Robbie Pape - Dewayne Malone

Robbie Pape

Busy Executive & Mom

How to Join?

To join the program, you may send Dewayne an email at againstalloddsfitness1@gmail.com or you may opt to send his assistant an email at daryl.againstalloddsfitness@gmail.com

To send payment, please send it via PayPal to againstalloddsfitness1@gmail.com.