10-Day Challenge

Transform your body in just 10 days with our comprehensive and personalized fitness program, led by expert trainer Dewayne Malone. You'll receive personalized workout routines and meal plans, tailored to your unique needs and preferences. With hands-on guidance and support from Dewayne himself, you'll stay motivated and on track throughout the program. At the core of our 10-Day Challenge is Dewayne's principle of goal-oriented, mind-setting, and consistency. This approach has helped countless individuals achieve their fitness goals and transform their bodies. Sign up now and experience the life-changing results of our 10-Day Challenge!

21-day transformation

21-Day Transformation Program

Whether you are just a beginner or starting up again — our 21-day Transformation Program will surely better your fitness journey and help you get significant results. It is an eBook which offers weekly meal plans (choice of Keto, Vegan or Regular Weight loss diet), a three-week workout program, Dewayne’s amazing 8-minute challenge, and your own progress tracker for only $99.99. Grab yours now!

Alkaline (Extreme Plant-Based) Transformation Program

The Alkaline Diet aims to rejuvenate your body internally, refresh your organs, and help your transform externally. Through this program, we seek to give our bodies a break from all bad food choices and teach individuals about making healthier choices that allow them to drop body fat and feel better about themselves internally and externally. Besides losing weight, the Alkaline diet also lowers the risk of chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, and cancer. You will be given options for specific foods that will improve the alkalinity of your body and you will need to go on several fasting as your means of cleansing during this transformation challenge.

Weight-Based Meal Plan

We created our Weight-Based Meal Plans to help those who are looking for a simple and doable guide for losing weight. With Dewayne Malone’s expertise on helping people transform not only their physique but as well as their overall health and wellness, we believe this program will help you take that first step towards a healthy lifestyle! As Dewayne Malone always says to his clients, BELIEVE and you can ACHIEVE! Start your fitness journey today!