Tiffany Flora

My journey to fit started after my third pregnancy. I was determined to get in the best shape of my life.

I started out at 173 pounds 2 months after my 3rd daughter. I woke up everyday and made the decision to do better. Their were nights where I cried because I was discouraged about not seeing results right away. I realized that it didn’t take 2 weeks to put on all the weight, so it would take some time to get off and I just had to stay the course. My husband was my biggest fan. He saw my success before it happened. I started to see weight loss and stayed disciplined.

My husband introduced me to Dewayne in March. That’s when my life changed. Literally… We decided to train for our first show together. I wanted to see how much my body could change and boy was it beyond what I ever imagined! I was already lifting, but Dewayne taught me how to connect the mind and muscle. It made a huge difference in my workouts. I was also completely lost on nutrition. I thought I was doing it right. However, I wasn’t eating often enough. He taught me about macros and how important nutrition is to your health. That’s when I truly started to see GAINS:-). He transformed my body to a place I never thought I would be. I did EXACTLY what he told me to do. Nutrition, weights, cardio and more cardio! I wasn’t focused on what anyone else was doing. My focus was on bringing MY best package to the stage. I did and I won 1st in both my categories!

“He transformed my body to a place I never thought I would be.”

All thanks to God for strength and my trainer, Dewayne for the master plan. I have always been in the health and fitness world, but it was so much I didn’t know. I am grateful that this guy is so humble and giving. I have always loved inspiring people and now that I know even more I am ready to share. I hope my story inspires someone out there to stay focused and not give up. Keep pushing, your change is coming! One Day at A Time…

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