Lee Gee

My name is Lee Gee. I’m 37 years old and I am a mother of three children.  I work for Cy fair ISD’s before and after school program. I met Tiffany Flora A few years ago at one of the childcare centers where her children attended. I watched Tiffany transform. I wanted to know her secret. I heard Tiffany was doing a boot camp and I was interested in getting in losing weight and getting healthy.  The first day of boot camp was brutal. I felt like I was going to die. But I pushed through and never looked back. I never made excuses to not workout.  I started personal training with Tiffany, she also customized a meal plan for me. I stuck to my meal plan and trusted the process.  Within the last year I’ve had some tough times and plenty of ups and downs but I never gave up and I never will. Fight for what you want and don’t stop ’til you get