Lauren Austin

I started training with Dewayne Malone in the Spring of 2013.  Before coming to Dewayne, I would run endless numbers of miles and my eating was erratic; I suffered from an eating disorder as well as had no idea what having a balanced meal plan looked like.

I came to him 8 weeks out from a show and wanting to compete in Figure at the 2013 Lonestar competition in Galveston. Even with only 8 weeks to prepare, Dewayne got me into the best shape of my life at that point in time. He taught me so much about proper form and technique during training and how nutrition can help change your body! Training didn’t end in May, we kept training and kept preparing for upcoming shows. Dewayne kept pushing me out of my comfort zone and teaching me; everyday. Throughout my time with him I have been able to start my own Personal Training company, quit a dead end job and help others transform their own lives!  In November of 2014, Dewayne led me to become the first ever Muscle-mania Woman’s Physique World Champion and become a Pro-Qualified athlete. I look forward to seeing what changes we can make in the future when I make my Pro-Debut!

“Dewayne kept pushing me out of my comfort zone and teaching me; everyday.”

I have learned more from Dewayne than any of my undergrad, graduate school, and personal training courses that I have taken. His knowledge of fitness is astounding! I was very lucky to actually be able to work for Dewayne with his company Against All Odds Fitness. During my time there, Dewayne taught me the ins and outs of the business. His training and mentorship of me lead me to create my own successful personal training company. Working/training for Dewayne was/is this best learning experience I have ever had, he is continually teaching and mentoring me to become not only a better competitor, but a better trainer as well.

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