Jillian Panda

My name is Jillian and I am a 33 year old Registered Nurse and also a Type 1 diabetic I had recently gone to my doctor, and he was concerned with my weight gain (I have gained 20lbs in 2 years) but more importantly my A1C was dangerously high.

My last A1C is 9.6%. As a health care professional I knew that something had to change, especially if my husband and I were to consider having children. I know as an RN that I could not have children while being an uncontrolled diabetic.

I went to Dewayne Malone after many hours of research looking for someone who would not only be a great mentor and cheerleader but also someone I knew I needed to be accountable to.

I wear an insulin pump which gives me insulin all day long, and I give myself more insulin during meal times. I knew my diet was poor but I wasn’t sure how to eat to keep my blood sugars low and still feel satisfied. I signed up for personal training and a meal plan with Dewayne. The day before I began working out my daily total of insulin given to myself was 62 units (which is a lot) and even then my blood sugars were dangerously high. After my first training session with Dewayne my insulin requirements for the day dropped to 40 units. At that point my blood sugars were dropping too low so I made some minor adjustments to my insulin pump. A few days after that my meal plan began and my insulin for the day lowered to 24-25units a day.

I have been sticking to the meal plan, doing personal training 2x/week with Dewayne and cardio at home and have lowered my insulin requirements more than half. For me, this is proof that this combination works. I feel like sometimes people want instant results on the outside which may take some time to achieve, but, this is proof to me that I am getting instant results on the inside (which for me, is the most important thing).

Be a Champion!