David Segal

Before I met Dewayne I had no idea how strong I could be.

For many years I had been an athlete and personal trainer but even though I was very competitive I felt that as I became older so my strength would deteriorate.

Dewayne showed me how wrong I was. We have been working out together for about six years. When I started I could lift a 30lb dumbbell in each hand and lying on a bench I could press them up about 10-12 times. As a part of our chest exercises a few weeks ago I pressed 80lb in each hand. Another example of how my strength has increased through Dewayne’s guidance was when we were doing inclined presses on a Hammer Strength machine. I came to Dewayne originally very happy to press 135lb. During our most recent workout after several sets of other exercises I pressed 310lb.

Not only has my upper body strength increased my lower body has as well. I have increased my leg strength from being able to do a leg press of 175lb to being able to leg press 425lb 15 times.

Dewayne has focused on my form so I get the greatest benefit from the exercise. We rarely go after the ‘see how much you can lift’ effort. Under his nutrition guidance my body fat is consistently at 10% or less and my weight stays around 178lb. No bad at 5ft 10 ½. I forgot to mention I will be 79 next year.

“Age is not, and should not be, a limiting factor”

My advice to anyone, male or female, is get into an exercise program if you are not in one now. Age is not, and should not be, a limiting factor. You can take care of yourself at any age and you will probably be sick less often and live longer.

If only I had known Dewayne and all the great health and strength benefits from sensible training I would have been a far better runner.

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