How Much Exercise Do You Need To Burn Off Thanksgiving Calories?

The holiday is just around the corner and one of the things that could hype us all is the thought of sharing a GOOD AND GASTRONOMIC MEAL with your loved ones for Thanksgiving dinner! 

Let’s face it! It’s pretty hard to close our eyes from the tempting taste of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, wine and all the drooling desserts. And guess what? The fun-filled laughter and smooth-flowing conversations can even make us forget about all our fitness gains! 

Thanksgiving Numbers 

On Thursday morning, it’s actually common for most Americans to feel lazy enough to get up and do some grinding. Most of the time, you find yourself waking up the next day and wondering how much they have eaten from Thanksgiving dinner. 

Here are the facts. 

According to the Calorie Control Council, the average American can consume about 3,000 to 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving day. On another note, about 1,500 of these calories are consumed before the main meal. This includes chips, nuts, as well as sodas and alcoholic beverages. 

Now consider that you someone is doing a 60-minute session of moderate aerobic exercises such as brisk walking. For a 155-pound person, this duration will burn about 250 calories. With this, he will need to take 10 sessions to shed off the calories. If that person exercises 5 days a week for an hour daily, that will take him two weeks to lose the extra padding. 

For a person of the same weight who does running or swimming laps of butterfly stroke, a 60-minute session will burn off 810 calories which means that the full meal can be shed off after five to six sessions. 

Lastly, for a person of the same weight to lose all these calories given than he prefers lifting weights, it will only take him 225 calories per hour which means it will take him about 20 sessions to burn all 4,500 calories. 

Still not getting the Math of it? Check this out. According to use national average male weight at 194.7 pounds and 164.7 pounds for the average female weight provided by the CDC. Here’s how long you should do each of the exercises to burn off your Thanksgiving dinner.

If it helps, it’s also good to note that one pound of fat is about 3,500 calories. For someone to consume this huge amount of calories on Thanksgiving day, it would easily lead to gaining more than a pound. 

For some, a little addition to a pound may seem like an easy take. In fact, they’ll think that the holiday is an exemption and we all deserve a gigantic treat! 


There are really people who enjoy a mindful dinner. Being mindful does not always mean depriving yourself of the Thanksgiving gluttony. Of course you can eat without feeling guilty! You just have to make room for what you’re stuffing in. You can definitely choose whatever you want to eat and slowly savor each bite of your favorite pie given, you have enough space in your system. 

In other words, eating mindfully is being one step ahead. This pertains to preventing the damages from your fitness gains. How is this possible? Take some time for your fitness routine before taking a slice of Turkey for dinner or consider walking around after dinner and before jumping in to bed. In addition, you may also eat light meals within the day so you’ll have enough space for dinner. 

Helpful Tips for A Healthier Holiday

Here are other things that you can do to ensure that you are ready to celebrate a healthier and fitter Thanksgiving

  • Exercise – the holiday craze is not an excuse! Securing to take few steps per day while shopping, decorating at home, doing lawn work or even house cleaning may be considered as forms of exercises that you can do to burn off calories and release endorphins. 
  • Portion Control – It’s okay to eat five times a day but be sure to do portion control. This means, choose smaller plates and eat lighter meals over the holiday. This would help you save yourself from taking in too much calories. 
  • Colorful Leftovers – So you’ve had leftover turkey from last night’s dinner and you’re planning to make your turkey sandwich. How about playing with your leftover and making it more colorful by preparing lighter meals such as a vegetable turkey salad? 
  • Buddy System – Fitness journeys are fun when done with a buddy! Make fitness more fun by inviting a friend to take on a healthier challenge with you! A healthy competition is a good motivation to stay focused on your goals.