How Many Reps Should I Do?

“Did I just do too many or too little? Most of us have asked ourselves this question often during our workouts. There’s a lot of guesswork involved when thinking about how much reps we should make per set in order to achieve our goals. 

FYI, Rep is the abbreviated word for repetition. 

Last Sunday’s episode of Aptitude Live explained how to determine the number of repetitions one should do in order to achieve your transformation goal. Dewayne Malone together with Gamell Bell and London Spivey shared that:

  • Whether you are trying to lose or gain weight, we always consider the one rep max formula. 
  • One rep max pertains to the maximum amount of weight a person can lift for one repetition, without any assistance.  You can think of it as your maximum strength level per repetition. 
  • If you’re trying to put on lean muscle, you should consider working at a higher percentage of your maximum potential. And if you’re trying to lean out, you have to perform about 60 to 65% of your maximum potential. 
  • Put it in numbers, if you’re trying to put on lean muscle, that’s about 4 to 6 repetitions. If you’re trying to lean out, you’ll perform about 12-15 repetitions. 
  • In some cases, Dewayne usually asks his clients to focus on a rep range anywhere from 10 to 20.
  • He adds that determining the repetitions may help when one focuses on how the muscles engage on every single repetition. This allows you to tear down more fibers. 
  • You can build muscle by pushing out high reps and making sure that you’re being detailed with the rep movement.
  • You can also challenge yourself and have fun by doing as many reps as you can in one minute. Transformation also comes when you push and push yourself to challenging your limits.
  • To add,  it’s always about your end-goal. Depending on what you want to achieve, you may want to refer to the fifth principle. You play among changing the frequency, intensity, tempo, amount of time you do with the exercise and even the weight. 

Jacqueline Clarke wins $100 from the Jump Rope Challenge

Jacqueline Clarke Wins $100

“I am super excited to have won the jump roping challenge. I love working out, being healthy and having the energy to be always up for an adventure or challenge.”

At 52, Jacqueline Clarke remains to be in good shape by being active and healthy. According to her, her mother always told her that being healthy is the most important thing.  Mothers know best, I must say. Jacqueline added that her decisions in life will be very different when she’s healthy. She claims that she likes to think of her body as her house and her soul/mind as the interior decoration and furniture.  

For her it all starts with the foundation of your home. Jacqueline made a commitment to herself several years ago to always accept a glass of water if someone offers it (good for her body). In addition, she commits to be a “YES” girl and try new things (good for my spirit).

Thus, saying YES to our jump rope challenge and even winning it! Congratulations to our jump rope queen! 

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THIS AUGUST: Sundays live will have an advanced group and a beginners group and we’ll have more prizes to give! 

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