Health Concerns of Successful Professionals

A growing career sounds really exciting for professionals seeking success in life. But with all the demands of one’s career, our professionals seem to have missed on one of the most important concerns of a living person — health.  

Finding the time to insert health and fitness in a busy person’s daily routine has become a challenge. This is why most professionals have taken grasp of the fast food trend and even forget about incorporating a grind in his day.

Because of these, many health issues started arising and thus, leading to absenteeism or worse, higher risk of complicated diseases.

Three Common Health Issues Faced by Professionals?

Common health issues faced by professionals - dewayne Malone

Inactivity and poor nutrition have become a concern for most working people. Imagine sitting by your desk and facing the computer about six to eight hours a day or working on loads of paperwork as a daily routine. Many health issues have come arising due to these two:

Overweight and Obesity

overweight and obesity - Dewayne Malone

Often when one is too consumed by his workload, one does not get the chance to think of cleaner servings to place on his place and even forgets to eat his meals on time. Fast food then becomes convenient for these people. Because of this, the cases of overweight and obesity in America continues to increase and it even increases the chances of hypertension, diabetes, stroke and other coronary diseases.


Depression - Dewayne Malone

Too much stress at work can put one’s mental health at risk. Psychological symptoms include anxiety, discouragement, irritability, pessimism and other cognitive difficulties relating to concentration or decision-making. The worst thing that can happen with uncontrollable stress management is depression. Depression ranks third in America’s workplace problems and it is the leading cause of disability worldwide.


hypertension - dewayne Malone

Another common health issue faced by busy executives or professionals in America is Hypertension. This is mostly a condition faced by driven individuals who go through so much stress. If left untreated, this can be a silent contributor to more complex diseases.


How Professionals Can Keep A Healthy Work-Life Balance?

how professionals can keep a healthy work-life balance - Dewayne Malone

The struggle to achieving a healthy work-life balance can be real for most professionals. But those who are really willing can surely take these tips into consideration:

A Meal Plan


Weekends are probably the most awaited day of the week for busy executives. Saturdays and Sundays can be the only days that our professionals can give themselves some “me” or “family” time. Within that 48 hours, spending about 30 minutes of it to plan out a week’s easy to prepare meals would not hurt. Incorporating more fruits and greens to your diet can be both convenient and healthy. In addition, one can also come up with a grocery list, and thus bringing in more convenience on a grocery Sunday.

Power Routines


You really do not need to spend an hour or two at a gym to do some morning or evening grind. As they say, less can be more. Thus, doing some 8-minute full body power routines can be very helpful in releasing those unhealthy toxins from your body and thus, keeping yourself ever as healthy as you’ll ever be.



Sometimes, getting nutrition only from food may not be a good idea. Although good nutrition surely supplies your body with sufficient nutrients for your daily needs, there are supplements that help enrich your body’s internal environment effectively. And sometimes, what you may have taken for granted by ignoring these supplements can be something that can aid you best in boosting your health. There are a lot of trusted companies which offer the best supplements that are designed to bring your body great health and wellness.


21 – Day Transformation Challenge: A Solution to a Professional’s Health Concern

21-day transformation challenge

Dewayne J. Malone knows the struggle of busy professionals in achieving a work and life balance. That is why he designed the 21-day Transformation Challenge to bring these working people convenience to health and wellness.

The 21-Day Transformation Challenge is an online program which challenges individuals to be the best version of themselves by following a workout program, a 3-week meal plan, and encouraging them to add Revicore Foundation Kit into their diet. Along with other individuals and with Dewayne and his trainer’s guidance, the individual gets motivation through a private Facebook group from which he or she will be part of. Throughout the transformation journey, the individual then learns the 8-minute power routine and making the healthy meal choices through the meal plan suggestions and substitution list. It would also seem as if the individual gets a personal trainer for 21 days as one gets to get in touch with Dewayne Malone himself every Thursdays through a live video check-in.

And what’s even better is that the individual is given the convenience of choosing his best time to do his daily grind even without driving oneself to the gym for bigger routines.

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