Green Smoothies for Weight Loss

Losing weight has been a common goal for almost millions of people around the world. And there are hundreds of ways to achieve such – there are dietary supplements in the market, workout suggestions available anywhere, and weight loss hacks on trend. One of these known weight loss tricks is taking in green smoothies.

Green smoothies are beverages which contain some amount of leafy vegetables. However, the weight loss effects of these drinks would depend most likely on the smoothie’s content. While some smoothies are made up mostly of greens, others include a good amount of fruits and dairy. According to studies, one should be aware of the calorie count of your ingredients to ensure the pound-shedding benefits of these drinks.

Breaking Myths

weight loss myths

One of the biggest myths is the misconception of achieving long-term results from doing things short-term. It’s almost always a surprise to people how others are able to lose about 10 pounds in just a week or two. While it’s not impossible, the risk here is how fast the weight gain comes once the routines are stopped. That is why people should be reminded to learn from the new routines which they may have come across their fitness journey and to challenge themselves to stay consistent.

Another myth to break is that there is really no specific food or drink for weight loss. How you lose pounds would always depend on your caloric intake and your daily activities. That is why diet and some exercise must always come together. Although, choosing to go cleaner for your meals may also be a good start for cutting of those extra kilos. Thus, green smoothies are also considered to aid in weight loss.

How to lose weight with Green Smoothies?

losing weight with green smoothies

  • 300-400 calorie smoothie. For better weight loss results, there is a desired calorie count for specific genders. For females, their green drink should contain at most 300 calories and males should have at the max of 400 calories. Studies say that most loss benefits are achieved when you replace one meal per day, preferably breakfast, with this green beverage.
  • Add more greens, stick to water. As mentioned above, the benefits of losing weight shall depend on the content of your beverage. An effective weight loss green drink is mostly comprised of greens and opting for water as smoothener than the dairy product.  
  • Take Green smoothie as part of a whole foods-based diet.  What experts advise is for you to drink this healthy beverage with a whole foods-based diet. It is also more effective if you transition to a diet that is more plant-based. Dewayne Malone’s 21-day transformation challenge has a meal plan which included green smoothies for snacks plus a spoon of a plant-based protein that is why most challengers sticking to the meal plan have been experiencing great results too especially considering this along with their workout routines.

Again, weight loss is only achieved if you persevere enough and if you place discipline within yourself. Greater results are only achieved with diet and exercise – and sometimes, a little motivation helps a lot. Take it from the experiences of the challengers of our 21-day transformation program.