Imagine Sundays and how you spend it sitting by the couch and watching your favourite movie while munching on some Doritos — these are what we call as Lazy Sundays. Now, imagine waking up on a fine Sunday morning and pumping up your day with some workout routines which do not require heavy weight lifting but still possess the same weight loss benefits.

From simply walking around your home for three laps or sweeping the dust off, you already shed off some pounds by sweating from moving around. However, there are basic routines which you can do every day and even challenge yourself to beat your daily record within a minute to get yourself in shape.

What are Full Body Workout Routines?

What are full body exercises? These are routines which do not isolate the body targets as the exercises need full body coordination for each to be done successfully. Research states that these are more functional and effective with weight loss.

Doing these types of workout routines repeatedly for a number of days would surely show significant changes especially if you place dedication and discipline within yourself.

Top 5 workout routines suggestions

The Plank

Plank Workout Routine

It might probably be one of the simplest exercises to perform but staying in the position for a minute would surely bring in much sweat from you along with its multiple benefits. Based on research, plank hits all the core muscles of your body. This includes transverse, straight and your abdominal muscles. In addition, it improves your posture, flexibility and coordination.

How to do the exercise?

  1. Assume a push-up position while holding your elbows straightly under your shoulders.
  2. Pushing your body up, hold the position with your chin up close to your neck.
  3. Contract your abdominal muscles by punching in your belly and squeezing your tailbone. Make sure to continue taking normal breaths. Start with staying in the position for 20 to 30 seconds then push for a minute.

Speed Squats

Squat Workout

The squat is a full body exercise that is designed to train the muscles of your thighs, hips, bums, and even strengthening your bones. This is the exercise that gets you to look better naked and even plays Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda song.

To execute:

  1. Focus on sending your hips back first then bending your knees while ensuring a straight back position with your chest and shoulders up.
  2. Keep your knees in line with your feet as you bend.
  3. Squat until you can feel that your hip joint is parallel to your knees. Stand and then make as many repetitions as you can with a little speed.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climber Workout

Known as a perfect strength-training workout, mountain climbers work on improving your core muscles and improving your agility as it allows you to work on creating stability in a seemingly running motion while targeting your glutes, legs, quadriceps and hamstrings.

Here are the steps to perform the routine:

  1. After positioning in a push-up stance, extend your arms straightly with your legs extended behind you.
  2. Bend one knee and bring it up to your chest. Then extend your leg back to draw the other leg toward your chest.
  3. Do this simultaneously as if you are climbing your way to the mountaintop.

Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Swing

Adding extra strength to your core with the weights carried by you, doing the kettlebell swing is an explosive exercise which works on your major muscles while burning body fat and building power. More so, it gives you the benefit of chest presses and even improves your body control.

How to perform the routine:

  1. Stand with your feet in shoulder-width apart while you hold a kettlebell or a dumbbell.
  2. Bending your hips backward, make a swing of the weight being carried through your legs and up to a shoulder level.



A fitter exercise — as it is considered. A push-up can be a big routine which works on building strength and burning calories while increasing one’s mental toughness. Push-ups also enhance one’s balance, resulting to a sturdy arm muscle.

To perform, one has the option to either do the regular push up, a knee-push up or to advance the routine by performing push-up jacks;

  1. On the ground, place your arms in a slightly wider distance than being shoulder-width apart.
  2. The secret to performing this workout depends on the tightening of your abdominal venue and clenching your butt.
  3. Bring your body up and use your arms to support your weight.
  4. For knee-pushups, be in a push-up position but allow your knees to touch the floor than just simply stretching it backwards.

Listed above are five highly suggested workout routines that need no travelling from home to the gym but are still proven to meeting your fitness goals. But there are tons of exercises which you can do from home. One of the special features of Dewayne Malone’s online fitness programs is its amazing 8-minute challenge which includes 6 full body exercises to be done in a minute but can still tone your muscles up, including breathers.