Father-Daughter Entrepreneurs: For Your Wellness

There’s a familiar phrase that states the “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” and it sure is true as this young beauty entrepreneur, Delisae Malone, enters the world of entrepreneurship just like her father Dewayne J. Malone, who is a natural bodybuilding champion, fitness coach and an entrepreneur.

Where it all started

Identifying what you are really passionate about is one of the best first steps to starting your own business. For Dewayne Malone, it was fitness. 

Dewayne has always been so passionate about fitness that he had been training clients all his life. In 2002, he started getting paid for training professionally. It didn’t take long before he started his own personal training company, Against All Odds Fitness in 2005.  In 2006, Dewayne started competing in bodybuilding and he even became a promoter of three annual shows under Musclemania Texas. 

For him, seeing and helping people achieve their goals, getting results and realizing that they can actually do what they thought they couldn’t bring about priceless emotions. To him, this is something he always wanted to do and he knew that from the start. That’s why he always tries to put a fine balance between being a married man, a father of four and helping other people achieve their fitness goals. But the inspiration that Dewayne brings does not only apply to his clients. In fact, we do not have to go far to see the influence he has. 

Delisae Malone, Dewayne’s daughter, has a passion for health and beauty. At 18, she was already a makeup artist, a fashionista, cosmetologist and now, the owner and founder of DK Beauty. At an early age, she’s already figured how she wanted to use her talent to do what she loves most — helping girls gain more confidence through beauty. And getting inspiration and encouragement from her dad, she then decided to debut her Lash Line, DK Minks: The Luxury Collection last January 2nd. 

Was it easy when she first started? No, of course. For someone who is young and a self-taught makeup artist, starting a business is actually a great risk. You invest on funding, spend time finding the right vendor and learning the skill to efficiently compete with other competitors in the beauty market. But by focusing on a goal and believing in oneself and with the support of her family, she was able to do it. It wasn’t all about just dreaming and doing such. Delisae needed to do extensive research to come up with an effective business plan. 

Beauty and Fitness Equals Wellness 

While beauty and fitness may have distinct audiences, both are similar in such a way that it brings about wellness to their markets.

You see, beauty and fitness requires a change of lifestyle — specifically, better changes to improve one’s overall health. For instance, fitness requires choosing cleaner meals for your diet and those who eat cleaner meals can actually reap physical benefits from such. Here’s one more picture, a person who works out every day actually has more radiantly glowing skin because one is able to consistently release toxins from the body through perspiration. 

Dewayne and Delisae’s businesses both help in rebooting their market’s confidence. Both make their clients feel good about themselves. And both create a significant impact on one’s health. 

In other words, this father and daughter tandem are in the market to help bring out the best of every individual. You might want to check them both and see how much they can help you. 

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DeWayne Malone

DeWayne Malone

Narural Body Builder, Body Transformation Specialist and an Entrepreneur.

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