10-Day Challenge Testimonial: Rosa Mandujano

“Working with Dewayne, I learned the benefits of proper nutrition. He helped me to be more disciplined, to choose healthily, and to set a goal and not let anything get in the way.” There is a right way and a wrong way to change people’s bodies. Some trainers think that a similar method fits all […]

10-Day Challenge Testimonial: Stephanie Franklin

https://youtu.be/mQIoCsH_yyY “One thing I learned about myself during my detox process is what food can do to your body. I have not experienced detoxification and fasting, so it was indeed a challenge.” In my long years of coaching individuals, the most difficult phase is getting strict with their diets. For many years they are used […]

The Body Transformation of Bill Perkins

body transformation of Bill Perkins

This is the body transformation of Bill Perkins by fitness specialist, Dewayne J. Malone. We started Bill Perkins’ fitness journey last November 2020. However, he had to travel out of the country that same month. We bounced back harder after New Year’s Day with 24% body fat. For motivation, he made a bet with his […]

Things You Need to Know About Natural Promotions Shows

Information about Natural Promotions Inc. Events this 2021

Where Can I Find More Show Information? As of now, all show information including the registration forms for all shows and The Texas Prep Camp may be found in www.thetexastitanshow.com Where can I purchase the tickets for admission, entry fee and Texas Prep Camp? www.naturalpromotionsinc.com or you may also email [email protected] to get Dewayne Malone’s […]

All About Cardio

All About cardio

Cardio training involves exercises that help promote cardiovascular health. This includes running, brisk walking, swimming, jump rope, cyclin,g and many more. And just like strength training, cardio training requires a certain level of intensity, duration, mode, and frequency. Last Sunday in Aptitude.club Sundays live, the team discussed the target heart rate formula and how you […]

How Many Reps Should I Do?

How Many Reps Should I Do

“Did I just do too many or too little? Most of us have asked ourselves this question often during our workouts. There’s a lot of guesswork involved when thinking about how much reps we should make per set in order to achieve our goals.  FYI, Rep is the abbreviated word for repetition.  Last Sunday’s episode […]

Calories and Weight loss

calories and weight loss

https://youtu.be/Z-_0XDcswwo When we think about weight loss, more often than not we immediately think about having to starve and tire ourselves out. But when we get to comprehend what healthy weight loss means, we then realize that there is a significant relationship between calories and weight loss. For healthier results, you need to observe the […]

Aptitude’s First Burpee Challenge Winner: Jessica Schmidt

Aptitude Burpee Challenge Wiiner Jessica Schmidt

“The podcast was great, having some really good fitness information to start with and then a bit of fun at the end with the burpee challenge. I was actually shocked that I won, I’m getting my fitness back after having a baby so it feels good to see I’m building back up to a good […]

How to Develop Healthy Habits

We all just want to become better this new year. To do that, we must first build healthy habits for ourselves. Question is, how do we do that?

Top 6 Superfoods For Weight Loss

The benefits of superfoods include building stronger bones, preventing chronic diseases, improving eyesight and even your memory. Here are six Superfood suggestions for you: