Plant-based supplements for Muscle Building!-Mr. E’s Remedies

Mr. E Remedies Healthy alternative for bodybuilding

Using plants to build muscle is more effective than using common over-the-counter supplements! That’s something you thought you would never hear. Well, let me show you why there is truth to that claim and after reading this you will look at plants differently! Nutrients The first thing we are going to look at is nutrients. […]

4 Useful Tips for Successful Fitness Goals this 2021

Successful fitness goals

There are moments in life that we really want to achieve a certain goal for us to feel fulfilled with everything we do in our daily lives. Our fitness goals would be on top of every “New year’s resolution” list. Skeptical about the processes we take to fulfilling these goals, it has become a common […]

Aptitude Fitness: Body and Hydration

Body and Hydration

Last Sunday, July 19th, Aptitude Nation, headed by Dewayne J. Malone and Gamell Bell, discussed hydration; why we need to stay hydrated, and what we can do to stay hydrated. On the same day, Melinda Hennessey received $100 Cash prize on the spot after winning our Mountain Climber challenge. Body and Hydration We all know […]

Valentine’s Date Ideas

Valentine's Date Ideas

Love is in the air with all hearts on display and hymns of deep affection on loop — have you made plans for Valentine’s day yet? Most couples, friends, and families celebrate this day with roses, chocolates, wines, and a romantic candlelight dinner and while these ways might be a tradition for some, trying to […]


Based on research, people who have an exercise buddy are said to least likely drop out from a fitness program. And indeed, working out has never felt so good when you got a buddy to do different routines with you — most especially if this buddy is actually your special someone. In celebration of love month, get to know these fun partner workout routines.

How to Celebrate a Healthy Thanksgiving

Best Thanksgiving

The clock keeps ticking and unknowingly, you are now waking up to the 1st of November. And just days after today comes one of the most awaited annual celebrations of almost everyone in the family, “Thanksgiving”. Tracing back its history, the very first Thanksgiving celebration happened in 1621 where Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared […]

Health Concerns of Successful Professionals

Health concerns of Professionals - Dewayne Malone

A growing career sounds really exciting for professionals seeking success in life. But with all the demands of one’s career, our professionals seem to have missed on one of the most important concerns of a living person — health.   Finding the time to insert health and fitness in a busy person’s daily routine has […]

5 Secrets to a Happier Life


Who does not want to be happier? With all of life’s challenges and struggles, people often say that life is unfair. Truth is, life is fair but it is not always just about the good times. While anyone can say that we all need to be optimistic about life, there are ways — secrets rather, […]

21-Day Transformation Story: PJ Barnett

PJ Barnett Transformation - Dewayne J. Malone

When at once you’ve already accepted the fact that all your life; coffee, work, sleep and nurturing your family was all you can do as a working mother, PJ Barnett has proven that anyone can actually step out from one’s comfort zone and live a life that’s healthier than ever through a transformation like no […]

A Letter to Everyone from Robbie Pape

Robbie Pape - Dewayne Malone

It’s not every day that we meet someone as motivated as Robbie Pape. She has been Dewayne’s loyal client — for both in-person and online training. Today, Robbie shares her letter about how an online transformation program like the 21-day transformation challenge of Dewayne Malone can make a change in a busy executive and mom’s […]