Top 5 Benefits of Joining an Online Fitness Program

Online Fitness Program

Waking up on a Monday with the thought of having to do the same routine all over again – dressing up, grabbing your breakfast, driving to work, sitting in front of the computer for long hours or facing clients perhaps, going home to share dinner with your family, and finally heading to bed to get […]

21 Day Transformation Story: Andrea Lopez

Andrea's Transformation Story

It’s all about believing and pushing yourself harder – that is definitely one of the greatest realizations Andrea Lopez had when she joined the 21 Day Transformation Challenge with Dewayne Malone. Andrea’s Transformation Story Andrea is an Associate Director of Nursing. Basically, Andrea’s typical day consists of waking up at 5 in the morning to […]

21-Day Transformation Story: Daniel Proctor

In the last week of our 21-Day transformation challenge (first batch), we’d like to feature this amazing transformation story from one of our members, Daniel Proctor. “It’s a miracle in my eyes, but I also feel a great sense of pride for my efforts. The Facebook group pushes you to stay on it.”   Started […]

Why Should I Join The 21-Day Transformation Challenge?

21-Day Transformation

Whether summertime is fast approaching or the holidays are almost over, you’ll surely want to flash around with the best version of yourselves. But as you try to fit those bikinis or your work pants, you get to notice those soggy fats on your shoulder or the layering of your bellies. Dewayne Malone understands the […]