Health Concerns of Successful Professionals

Health concerns of Professionals - Dewayne Malone

A growing career sounds really exciting for professionals seeking success in life. But with all the demands of one’s career, our professionals seem to have missed on one of the most important concerns of a living person — health.   Finding the time to insert health and fitness in a busy person’s daily routine has […]

21-Day Transformation Story: Susan Jones


What does great health mean to a Discover Leadership Training team member?  Great health means EVERYTHING to someone focused on creating a better version of herself and motivating others to do the same. Susan Jones, a busy wife and mother knows that in order to be a positive role model to her team at work […]

5 Secrets to a Happier Life


Who does not want to be happier? With all of life’s challenges and struggles, people often say that life is unfair. Truth is, life is fair but it is not always just about the good times. While anyone can say that we all need to be optimistic about life, there are ways — secrets rather, […]

21-Day Transformation Story: PJ Barnett

PJ Barnett Transformation - Dewayne J. Malone

When at once you’ve already accepted the fact that all your life; coffee, work, sleep and nurturing your family was all you can do as a working mother, PJ Barnett has proven that anyone can actually step out from one’s comfort zone and live a life that’s healthier than ever through a transformation like no […]

A Letter to Everyone from Robbie Pape

Robbie Pape - Dewayne Malone

It’s not every day that we meet someone as motivated as Robbie Pape. She has been Dewayne’s loyal client — for both in-person and online training. Today, Robbie shares her letter about how an online transformation program like the 21-day transformation challenge of Dewayne Malone can make a change in a busy executive and mom’s […]

21-day Transformation Story: Jesse Hackett

Transformation Story of Jesse Hackett

“Take one day at a time, trust the system, I promise it will work” – Jesse Hackett A transformation story. What a typical day for Jesse Hackett was could probably be the same typical day for most people out there — that is, waking up on a weekday and skipping on meals both breakfast and […]

Why You Should Always Drink Water

Thirsty? Sure you can drink all fruit juices or carbonated drinks but there is always that huge difference with how satisfying it feels after you get your thirst quenched after your drink water. Although it comes with different percentages, the human body — and almost all of our internal parts such as the brain, heart, […]

The Holiday Drama: How to Spend a Healthy July Fourth

Healthy July Fourth

Flags on rise and waving, people drooling over the enticing smell of grilled food, hotdogs everywhere — it’s that time of the year again when people come together to the reminisce the day we’ve embraced our independence, and the best part of the night of July Fourth is getting to witness the colorful fireworks with […]

Five Full Body Workout Routines To Do At Home

Full Body Workout Routines

Imagine Sundays and how you spend it sitting by the couch and watching your favourite movie while munching on some Doritos — these are what we call as Lazy Sundays. Now, imagine waking up on a fine Sunday morning and pumping up your day with some workout routines which do not require heavy weight lifting […]

Green Smoothies for Weight Loss

green smoothies for weight loss

Losing weight has been a common goal for almost millions of people around the world. And there are hundreds of ways to achieve such – there are dietary supplements in the market, workout suggestions available anywhere, and weight loss hacks on trend. One of these known weight loss tricks is taking in green smoothies. Green […]