Plant-based supplements for Muscle Building!-Mr. E’s Remedies

Mr. E Remedies Healthy alternative for bodybuilding

Using plants to build muscle is more effective than using common over-the-counter supplements! That’s something you thought you would never hear. Well, let me show you why there is truth to that claim and after reading this you will look at plants differently! Nutrients The first thing we are going to look at is nutrients. […]

4 Useful Tips for Successful Fitness Goals this 2021

Successful fitness goals

There are moments in life that we really want to achieve a certain goal for us to feel fulfilled with everything we do in our daily lives. Our fitness goals would be on top of every “New year’s resolution” list. Skeptical about the processes we take to fulfilling these goals, it has become a common […]

Aptitude Fitness: Body and Hydration

Body and Hydration

Last Sunday, July 19th, Aptitude Nation, headed by Dewayne J. Malone and Gamell Bell, discussed hydration; why we need to stay hydrated, and what we can do to stay hydrated. On the same day, Melinda Hennessey received $100 Cash prize on the spot after winning our Mountain Climber challenge. Body and Hydration We all know […]

How to Maintain Your Workouts With an Injury

How to Maintain Your Workouts With an Injury

If you are someone who is really into working out, sitting back from your grind for a month or two due to an injury may be the last thing you’ll ever want to happen to you.  Injuries are somehow inevitable. Whether it is caused by improper execution of workouts, overexercising or an unlucky outside accident, […]

How to Stay Motivated When You Don’t Want to Workout

How to Stay Motivated When You Don't Want to Workout

Sun is up, time to get up and do some grinding. Thing is, your body feels dead tired and your lazy ass just makes you want to stay in bed and dream of your once-thought goals. Let’s face it, we’ve all had those moments. And whenever this mood kicks in, we all have that one […]

Father-Daughter Entrepreneurs: For Your Wellness

There’s a familiar phrase that states the “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” and it sure is true as this young beauty entrepreneur, Delisae Malone, enters the world of entrepreneurship just like her father Dewayne J. Malone, who is a natural bodybuilding champion, fitness coach and an entrepreneur. Where it all started Identifying what […]

Why You Should Encourage Fitness in the Workplace


One of the best assets employers have in their business are their employees. They are the key players in the business and thus, most employers strive to create a happy and healthy environment for their employees to keep performing at maximum potential.  Strategies like implementing rewards and recognition systems, providing training opportunities and a lot […]


Based on research, people who have an exercise buddy are said to least likely drop out from a fitness program. And indeed, working out has never felt so good when you got a buddy to do different routines with you — most especially if this buddy is actually your special someone. In celebration of love month, get to know these fun partner workout routines.

Transformation for a Healthier Self

The Transformation You Need For A Healthier Self - Dewayne Malone

“Why need transformation when I already look fit?” This question may be raised by an individual who receives many promotional offers about transformation programs.  While others are struggling to stay fit and healthy, we have to be aware that a person’s routine always has something to do with one’s health. Going to work daily, meeting […]