Calories and Weight loss

When we think about weight loss, more often than not we immediately think about having to starve and tire ourselves out. But when we get to comprehend what healthy weight loss means, we then realize that there is a significant relationship between calories and weight loss. For healthier results, you need to observe the right formula which involves a healthy diet with the right caloric count and of course, your workout.

Last Sunday’s episode of live, Dewayne J. Malone and Gamell Bell, together with London Spivey as the special guest, talked about calories and weight loss. 

Calories and Weight Loss: How much calories should you be eating for Weight Loss? 

To define, calorie refers to the units used to measure your energy. Quickly, you’ll find these numbers in most food packages that you purchase but these are usually written in kilocalorie

FACT: Your calorie intake leaves you in control of your transformation. You do not just get to decide on going for a low or high-calorie diet. There are other things to consider when planning to lose weight such as your activity and most importantly, your metabolic rate — resting metabolic rate

In last Sunday’s episode, we learned that: 

  • Your caloric intake is very important whether you’re trying to gain or lose weight. 
  • When thinking about how much calories should you take in, you should start with determining your RMR or your Resting Metabolic Rate.
  • For the sake of math, If your RMR is 1000 calories, you need to take 1000 calories to maintain your current weight. If you add 200 calories a day, you might end up gaining close to a pound in a week  –. Note, 1 pound is equivalent to 3,500 calories. 
  • If you’re trying to lose weight, the same principle applies, you try to take 800 calories a day and you’ll end up losing 1 pound in a week.
  • To get it right, most people would want to get a customized meal plan to find out how many calories they should be taking in. Others will resort to fancy gadgets and applications that could track your calorie intake and calorie burn.
  • Professional assistance would rather be recommended for starters. 
  • Meal planning or prepping is also another tip you can consider especially when you’re already aware of how much calories are in a specific meal (considering their serving too). With meal planning or prepping, you may save yourself from the inconvenience of having to write every single thing on your tracker. 

Nancy Dee wins $100 for winning the Leg lift challenge

“doing this challenge made me realized that there’s no weakness when you put your mind into it.”

What better way there is than to spend your weekend doing a challenge that sweats you up, keeps you in shape, and lets you win $100 cash? 

With a pretty active lifestyle, Nancy at 45, manages to train five days a week and do cardio 7 days a week. She’s also hands-on at her farm where she actually spends most days of her week. 

Nancy has expressed that Abs exercises are usually her weakness, but this challenge has shown us that Nancy Dee is actually amazingly strong and in fact, she was able to hold a leg lift for 3 minutes and 25 seconds! 

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