Aptitude’s First Burpee Challenge Winner: Jessica Schmidt

“The podcast was great, having some really good fitness information to start with and then a bit of fun at the end with the burpee challenge. I was actually shocked that I won, I’m getting my fitness back after having a baby so it feels good to see I’m building back up to a good base. I’m looking forward to next week!” – Jessica Schmidt

Most people just love to binge on Sundays. But last Sunday, July 12, 2020, was different from all our other rest day Sundays. 

Aptitude.club, led by Dewayne J. Malone and Gamell Bell,  jumpstarted our Sunday live podcast sessions with a discussion about back pains and a fun burpee challenge which gave away $100 cash prize to the participant who can endure most.

In the podcast session, we’ve learned from Gamell that the core is composed of 29 muscles and there really is a movement system. So when one’s core is weak, the tendency is that it results in back pains and even worse, herniated discs. 

Our core movement system is so important and thus we need to strengthen it. In the podcast session, Dewayne J. Malone recommended one basic exercise that helps strengthen one’s core and that’s the plank. This basic plank works effectively whether one is a beginner or an advanced athlete.

There are many variations of a plank. For instance, those with high blood pressure who usually feel discomfort in getting on their hands and knee can opt to lay on their back first thing with shoulder blaze dug in the ground, belly button drove through the ground, hands up and legs up 90 degrees. Once they become fitter and feeling more confident, they can then get on their forearms and knees. For advanced, they can start bridging up. For those who can sustain a more advanced routine, a high plank may be done. 

Dewayne does not discourage the use of weights but reminds everyone still that “you can have good abs and still not have a strong core.” So, he’s encouraging everyone to not get caught up on weight belt supporting the core and back, and instead, focus on the muscle and mind connection to truly keep one’s core activated. This will help one deal away with injuries.

Gamell Bell also adds a core exercise that can be done using a stability ball. Think about someone doing bicep curls in a stability ball. It might look a little silly but that’s actually a perfect example of working on one’s biceps and strengthening the core as well. 

The second highlight of the podcast session brought all our participants to a good sweating session with their burpee challenge. Jessica Schmidt who just gave birth recently endured the challenge well which led her to win the cash prize of $100.

It was indeed a fun-filled learning experience and our Aptitude nation just won’t stop there. Next Sunday, July 19, 2020, at 2 pm Central time, we will run our second live podcast session and have another fitness challenge – the Mountain Climber challenge. And yes, a cash prize will still await the person who can carry on the challenge well!

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DeWayne Malone

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