The Body Transformation of Bill Perkins

This is the body transformation of Bill Perkins by fitness specialist, Dewayne J. Malone.

We started Bill Perkins’ fitness journey last November 2020. However, he had to travel out of the country that same month. We bounced back harder after New Year’s Day with 24% body fat. For motivation, he made a bet with his friends that he’d reach 9% body fat by April 2021 and that should be maintained until his wedding in July. The body transformation of Bill Perkins started when his assistant, Baxter, contacted me after he found me on Google. We had a zoom meeting, and they liked my offer. Given all my credentials, current clients and testimonials, Bill Perkins came in and signed up with me.

I usually require my clients to get a DEXA scan. A DEXA scan allows me to see how much lean muscle there is, how much fat is around the organs, and how much fat muscle is in the right leg, right arm, left arm, left leg, and left pelvis. I could track where we could cut out the guesswork, so we had a starting point of how much muscle we were starting with and how much body fat, fat mass, and fat around the organs.


So we were starting at 24. The goal is to get at nine(9) to win the bid, but my goal is to blow it way past nine and get Bill Perkins in the best shape of his life! To understand all this, Bill doesn’t eat meat and doesn’t believe in eating fruit. I got Bill to eat a little watermelon here and there. So I was glad that watermelon is the most potent and the strongest alkaline food on this planet, so definitely don’t be scared to eat fruit that has natural sugars.


Finally, we got his balance good with his nutrition, protein, fats, carbs, macro, and micronutrients, along with a supplement program. I did that by meeting with a chef and getting them going with the correct amounts he would need. We started with a base plan, a base number around medium calories, and we cycled around three to four different meal plans. Through the four to six months that we worked together, we cycled about four to six meal plans and different cardio schedules to keep the body from adapting and keep it guessing.


The challenge was that Bill had to do his workouts away from my Trainerize because he traveled at the beginning of the body transformation. He traveled quite a bit, and we didn’t get to work together that much at the beginning, then it slowed down a little bit. During February and March, we spent most in-person time together with the 30-minute high-intensity workouts I do.

Bill thought they were pure hail, but the whole point was so we could get there in a safe manner. We aimed to achieve our goal of living a better quality of life by being a much healthier version of a 52-year-old male in the single-digit body fat rather than double digits or the high 20s where Bill started.


Nevertheless, I’m just grateful for the opportunity to take veal through the process of how to do it the right way. Balanced foods, protein carbs, fat(whether you’re a meat eater), effective cardio, and just moving frequently really help. Bill did other things for cardio throughout his travel, but we did have main set minutes that we needed to get in per week, primarily so many hours per week. He is active, so he did things like jet skiing and other activities to help burn calories. But for the most part, we make use of the peloton. I would challenge Bill to do different HIIT and Tabata classes mixed every once in a while, do some slow recovery and low impact rides, all based on how his body was feeling. It was a team effort from the chef, me, Bill, and his assistant, Dan Baxter, who did all the scheduling.

Sometimes, Bill couldn’t commit to our schedule because of all his work meetings. Baxter would text me, and we would get him in there to do 30 minutes of high intensity. I would also text him his cardio schedule for the peloton, whether it’s a high-intensity workout, Tabata, or regular fat workout. We are constantly mixing so we can try to increase the lean muscle and reduce the total body fat percentage and try to get that done with clean food as possible. So again, I remind you that a 52-year-old man who built muscle ultimately went from 24% body fat down to 7%. The goal was to get to nine before the 20th of April; by the first week of April, we were at 7%. WE KILLED THAT GOAL.

At one point, Bill got up to 9% flat short because he enjoyed himself during his travels. He would do a little nibbling on some chips. As a remedy, we used all plant-based supplements throughout the transformation process. Mr. E. Remedies ( were the supplements we used during the body transformation of Bill Perkins. And then, during the maintenance stage, we added a few of the old snap supplements so that we still have frequent meals throughout the day. We did nothing strange yet.


However, I do believe in fasting. We did fast for some of my clients, but not this time around, so be on the lookout for the online workout and the eBook discussing the transformations – not only Mr. Bill Perkin but all the other clients of mine who had a good time and result. Bill did bring a few guests in at times. He brought his wife and, once, his buddy, a professional tennis player. Different people were doing different things, but I was just glad to be a part of the journey and the body transformation of Bill Perkins to get him in the best shape of his life for his wedding.

A 52-year-old man ripped up, lean to the bone. Again, we did it with no meat: good balance, good supplements, and balanced workouts—many supersets out of weights, dumbbells, and body weights all mixed with the HIIT and a Tabata.

That’s a unique style. That’s a unique way. That’s what I do that makes us so different from anyone else, and I have been doing body transformations for 20 years. I don’t believe in clients working out longer than 30 minutes. A weight lifted, and we could get it done anywhere from the eight-minute challenge to a 25-minute weightlifting session to get you a total transformation.

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– Dewayne J. Malone, Body Transformation Specialist

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