Why You Should Always Drink Water

Thirsty? Sure you can drink all fruit juices or carbonated drinks but there is always that huge difference with how satisfying it feels after you get your thirst quenched after your drink water. Although it comes with different percentages, the human body — and almost all of our internal parts such as the brain, heart, and lungs — is mostly comprised of water and that makes it an essential to one’s life. In addition, almost everything that we need externally is also made up mostly of water such as this earth we live in and the plants we consume.

The above-mentioned fact alone would already give us the idea that water plays a vital role to the life of every cell — in a human body, it is what forms a human saliva, it lubricates our joints, regulates our body temperature and it even helps deliver oxygen all over our body. Above all, water helps one with weight loss — this is something most Americans should take note of as the number of obesity cases in the U.S. as reported by CNN and based on the 2014 Adult Obesity Rates has remained above 36% for adults with higher prevalence in women at 38.3% than in men with 34.3% — alarming, isn’t it?

Why Drink Water?

The eight-by-eight rule or the eight glasses of 8-ounces water requirement has been known to most of us since we were young. And that is about 2 litres of water per day. While this might seem achievable, most health gurus would suggest that we drink more than the amount required as our body constantly loses water through our urine and sweat and we must prevent ourselves from getting dehydrated.

According to research, drinking water does have a significant weight loss benefit, especially when it is combined with a healthy diet;

It makes you feel full.

FEELING FULL - dewayne malone

Have you ever felt so hungry and then you took a glass of water and voila! You can no longer hear your tummy roaring! That’s because sometimes, we aren’t really as hungry as we thought we are. Instead, our cravings are what made us thought that we were hungry. That’s how drinking more water makes us think that by doing so, we are able to lose weight. About half an hour before your meal time, it is advisable that you sip in a glass of water to make your belly feel a little full. This way, you are able to control yourself from eating too much. It’s a trick most dieters would do.

It gives you a lot of energy.

ENERGY - Dewayne Malone

Imagine how it feels after waking up from a long sleep — dragging, right? Sometimes you wish you could stay tucked in your bed for long but then you head to the bathroom for a nice, cold shower — suddenly, you feel alive and kicking to the beat of morning shower songs. Yes, staying hydrated keeps you energized. This is because the flow of oxygen in your brain works just right such that your heart would not have to triple its efforts in pumping up oxygen into all parts of your body and thus, causing you to feel tired and stresses.

It removes toxins from your body.

Water acts as a natural cleanser for any one’s body. This has the ability to improve your blood circulation enabling it to flush out toxins and impurities such as sweat and urine. More so, water keeps you look young and glowing by increasing the water in your skin cells.

Three Drinking Tips You may want to consider

  • Squeeze some lemon, cucumber and mint leaves into your water to add flavour and for detoxification.
  • Before you even get yourself a cup of coffee, jump-start your day with a morning glass of water. Make it a habit to hydrate yourself after an eight-hour sleep.
  • Drink some icy, cold water as this converts your body temperature into one which allows you to burn more calories.