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Fitness is not just a goal but rather a lifestyle. It requires strong commitment, discipline, and hard work. The road to losing weight, gaining muscles, competing or staying in good health is never easy. Sometimes, all you need is someone to back you up with good support, motivation and guidance.

I am Dewayne J. Malone, a Body Transformation Specialist and an Entrepreneur. I’m originally from Kansas City, KS, but moved to Houston, TX in 1999. Since 2003, I have helped people achieve their goals, get results, and do what they thought they couldn’t. As a personal trainer in Houston, I have realized that there are actually willing people who don’t have the luxury of time to drive their way to the gym and thus, I have extended my services from in-person fitness training to online fitness training, created fitness programs that will benefit busy individuals 24/7 and even crafting champions through competition training and creating avenues for them to showcase their best selves under the fitness shows of Natural Promotions Inc.

I first started training when I was 10 years old, but I started training professionally in 2003. I started my own personal training company, Against All Odds Fitness in 2005.

Since starting my own company, I have trained thousands of clients and helped countless amounts of people change their lives, expanding my training to do online training. 

Today, I work on finding a fine balance between being a father of four, a husband, and running my businesses: Against All Odds Fitness, Revicore, DJM Clothing, Malone Designs, and Natural Promotions Inc.

As one of Houston’s top personal trainers, I have the opportunity to be showcased on TV fitness segments with CW39, KHOU11, FOX26, ABC13, the LiveWell Network, and Public Speaking Events. I currently train out of my gym in Houston, called The Next Level Fitness.  I have over 50 active clients that meet with me on a weekly basis as well as a team of signed sponsored athletes for my own company.

I started competing in bodybuilding in 2006 and started promoting my own fitness shows in 2010 for one of the biggest Fitness competition organizations worldwide.  After taking a short break from promoting shows, I’ve found my way back to supporting athletes and as of this writing, 2021, I was happy to be part of the Global Bodybuilding Organization to which I was appointed as the former GBO Colorado director and am glad to present my own shows in Houston, Colorado, and Dallas: The Texas Titan Show, Mild High Championship and Natty Nights Classic.

I can’t say enough about how passionate I am about health and fitness. Even more than that, I love helping people achieve their goals, get results, and do what they thought they couldn’t. The excitement that I get from motivating individuals against the odds is very rewarding.  I want to tell the people of the world, “if you believe, then you can achieve!”


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