Who does not want to be happier? With all of life’s challenges and struggles, people often say that life is unfair. Truth is, life is fair but it is not always just about the good times. While anyone can say that we all need to be optimistic about life, there are ways — secrets rather, to actually live a happier life.

5 ways to live a happier life

From waking up earlier to witness the sunrise to taking an afternoon jog to see the beautiful horizon during sunset, there are lists of simple things one can do in order to live life with more smiles every day.

Move around more often.


Don’t just spend the rest of your weekends on the couch! Move around and release some sweat.  In the Science of exercise and happiness, although most results are driven by mind conditioning, research has shown that exercising has a way of improving one’s mood through the endorphins released.  Scientifically, the process is explained exercising as a moment of stress. However, as our heart pressure increases, our brain fights off this stress through the protein called Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor BDNF. This BDNF then has its protective and repair element to one’s neurons such that one gets to feel happier when exercising.

Get more Sun Exposure.


Vitamin D or the sunshine vitamin is the only vitamin that is also a hormone — an active hormone which assists with a lot of functions including absorption of calcium, building od stronger bones, teeth and muscles, among others. In a research by Psychology Today, a mood disorder which features depressive symptoms usually occurs every time little sunshine appears in a certain location. This being said, going out to get a little exposure from the sun increases the receiving of vitamin D within our bodies and gives us more active hormones to put us in a better mood. Thus, living a happier life.

Say ‘No’ sometimes.


There is no covenant between you and anyone to keep you saying ‘YES’ to all invitations or requests you receive. Remember, you are not Jim Carrey in the movie, “YES Man”. Though saying yes may somehow show your positive response to every situation possible, there are also troubles arising from our fear to decline on some offers. That is why one of the secrets to a happier life includes learning to weigh the decisions you’re making. Say ‘no’ if you think a certain situation may not be good enough for your health both physically and emotionally.

Take a break from technology.


People nowadays spend so much time using technology that they miss a lot from the natural world. Sometimes even, a social media pressure is on for everybody. People feel as if they need to take a photograph before meals or to post regular updates of one’s whereabouts 24 hours and seven days. This situation leads most people to a brain drain, causing one’s ability to think less functional. That is why a need to reboot our mental health is a requirement. One can do this through taking breaks from technology, getting a meaningful contact with nature, or simply meditating. Doing so puts one’s mind at peace, resulting in a happier state.

Eat cleaner meals.


A Study from UC Merced Undergraduate Research concluded that the types of foods individuals consume play an essential role in one’s happiness. Those who eat more fruits, vegetables and unprocessed foods are more prone to happiness and positive emotions. One’s cravings can be unhealthy yet satisfying but the happiness that one gets is temporary.

Take Away

There are no quick fixes to happiness as we all experience different struggles every day. There are hundreds of other factors affecting our mood than just the food we consume or the activities we do. But all these listed above can be a great help for you to decode the secrets to a happier life!