21-Day Transformation Story: Susan Jones

What does great health mean to a Discover Leadership Training team member?  Great health means EVERYTHING to someone focused on creating a better version of herself and motivating others to do the same. Susan Jones, a busy wife and mother knows that in order to be a positive role model to her team at work and at home, she chooses to work on herself first.  Though she has been physically active for years, this is her first time truly delving into a fitness plan.  Being a part of Dewayne Malone’s 21-day transformation program made Susan more aware of how important it is to prepare healthier meals and push herself daily when it comes to physical activity.  Realizing a physical transformation in just 2 weeks has encouraged her to keep the program going even after the 21 days are over. TRANSFORMATION STORY: SUSAN JONES  

Life before the Transformation Begun

As a child of parents with Type 2 diabetes, remaining as healthy as possible for her family is always something for Susan. Before joining the program, her usual routine includes waking up at 5 am and drinking a protein shake. Part of her daily routine also includes a 30-minute workout, spending time with her husband, Mike, getting ready for work, getting the kids’ lunch ready and dropping them off to school. She drives about an hour to be at work and gets in at around 9 am. Munching on a healthy lunch is also part of Susan’s routine while on dinner, she usually cooks grilled chicken, hamburgers, vegetables and rice dishes — and not to mention, going to a Chick-Fil-A about once a week.

From 133 lbs. To 128 lbs. In just two weeks!

Susan was already living a healthy lifestyle but joining the 21-day transformation challenge with Dewayne challenged her to do more meal preparations and sticking to healthier and cleaner meals such as stir-frys and vegetable casseroles in the oven. According to her, she has been sticking to the meal plans as written about 80% of the time and utilizing the substitution lists as well. The meal plans and substitution lists helped her a lot in learning about measuring the amounts of serving she preps up. The 8-minute workout challenge also intensified her workout routine especially with its full body attack and time intervals. What gave her more motivation to do the challenge is that she’s doing it with her team at work. Her husband, Mike Jones, the president of Discover Leadership Training, who does the challenge with her as well, is ever supportive and touts his own weight loss of 12 lbs in two weeks When asked about what she wanted to pursue from the program, she said that she would want to continue the diet plan as eating five servings of fruits and vegetables daily made her feel really good — this was also something she never really did before (eating many fruits and vegetables). Above all, discipline is the best value that she has learned throughout the program.

Join the Transformation Challenge!

21-Day Transformation Challenge with Dewayne Malone The 21 – Day Transformation/Jumpstart Challenge is an online program by Dewayne Malone which encourages participants to work hard to achieve great body transformation within 21 days. Send us a message to know more about the program! CONTACT: againstalloddsfitness1@gmail.com OR daryl.againstalloddsfitness@gmail.com