PJ Barnett Transformation - Dewayne J. Malone When at once you’ve already accepted the fact that all your life; coffee, work, sleep and nurturing your family was all you can do as a working mother, PJ Barnett has proven that anyone can actually step out from one’s comfort zone and live a life that’s healthier than ever through a transformation like no other! Inspired by Robbie Pape’s successful fitness journey, PJ thought that she should really look into joining Dewayne Malone’s 21-day transformation challenge. And when she finally did it, there was not a single regret on her part. In fact, she felt extremely amazed and rewarded after dropping 11 pounds in just about two weeks!

A Mother’s Transformation TaleTransformation Story - Dewayne Malone

PJ emphasized that her experience gave her a better shift of routine at home such that she was able to make mornings a happy family time in the kitchen as she makes green smoothies with her three children. She was also able to learn the importance of planning and prepping up her meals so as not to miss one especially knowing that she also had to work about 50+ hours a week. And who would’ve thought that a busy mom like PJ can still incorporate a new type of workout every day by doing aerial yoga aside from the 8-minute workout challenge introduced by Dewayne J. Malone? PJ exclaimed about how challenging aerial yoga was for her but throughout the program, she felt that she was slowly getting some strength. She was also a lover of Dewayne’s substitution list — she is fond of replacing menu suggestions provided that she takes into consideration her learning from the program — fat for fat, protein for protein, veggie for veggie and fruit for fruit.

Realizations From the Program

PJ also added that being part of a group made a big difference for her as it was through that group when she learned that success in one’s transformation journey also mattered in the support one is receiving from a circle. According to PJ, the program was all about building people up and not tearing anyone down or shaming anyone for not being perfect. PJ learned that there was no hindrance to transformation — even when you aren’t able to do some routines due to physical limitation or because you probably could not afford a gym membership or equipment, you need to make due of what you have. Make new excuses, stay moving and embrace the opportunities given to you and celebrate your little successes. Above all, it is important that you never compare your journey to everyone else’s.

Join the Challenge!

21-Day Transformation Challenge with Dewayne Malone The 21 – Day Transformation/Jumpstart Challenge is an online program by Dewayne Malone which encourages participants to work hard to achieve great body transformation within 21 days. Send us a message to know more about the program! CONTACT: againstalloddsfitness1@gmail.com OR daryl.againstalloddsfitness@gmail.com