21-Day Transformation Story: Daniel Proctor

In the last week of our 21-Day transformation challenge (first batch), we’d like to feature this amazing transformation story from one of our members, Daniel Proctor.
“It’s a miracle in my eyes, but I also feel a great sense of pride for my efforts. The Facebook group pushes you to stay on it.”
Started with 206 lbs., Daniel Proctor was amazed to see how quick the transformation was after joining the 21-day transformation challenge by Dewayne Malone.
Daniel’s typical day before the program was about drinking monsters all day without eating. He has a high paced hob and so he figured he didn’t have much time to do some grinding. Instead, he lived with eating huge dinners and even munching on something sweet before bedtime.
But until his family decided to go on a family vacation to Florida on June 1st, Daniel thought he needed to see some changes physically and thus, the 21-day transformation challenge was considered.

The Transformation

Daniel Proctor Transformation

11 lbs. in 1 week

As the program begun, his typical day went from waking up at 5 in the morning to 3:30 or 3:45 to do some cardio activities like jogging or fast walking. This was something he couldn’t imagine as he said he had bad knees from doing 16 years of football and not having a lot of physical activities in years. Aside from the morning cardio activity and still considering his wellness, Daniel followed the meal plans of Dewayne religiously and even pushed himself to do the 8-minute challenge every day along with some light weight sessions.
And to his surprise, he weighed 195 lbs. In just 9 days!
Talking about how the program helped him as an individual, Daniel gratefully quoted “First I have no more back pain. I used to think I had a broken bone in my back or something, lol. It has also given me a new understanding of the amount of things I can accomplish in a day if I’m not watching TV. If I want to live a long life, it should be a must to stick to this. And last, Confidence!!!”
“I know I’m only 41 but my body felt like it was 80. It’s never too late to change your life. I know Dewayne from high school, he worked harder than anyone in every sport. So I was already sold on him, DO WHAT HE SAYS, and I get the body I want, let’s do it. It’s a MINDSET!”, Proctor said.
Daniel is just one of the members of the 1st batch of our 21 Day Transformation Challenge. Others are also experiencing the same good changes!
How about you? Don’t you want to see the better version of yourself? Message us how!
DEWAYNE: againstalloddsfitness1@gmail.com
DARYL (Dewayne’s Assistant): daryl.againstalloddsfitness@gmail.com

Shoutout to those who wish to join our 2nd batch of challengers this 4th of June.