21 Day Transformation Story: Andrea Lopez

It’s all about believing and pushing yourself harder – that is definitely one of the greatest realizations Andrea Lopez had when she joined the 21 Day Transformation Challenge with Dewayne Malone.

Andrea's Transformation Story

Andrea’s Transformation Story

Andrea is an Associate Director of Nursing. Basically, Andrea’s typical day consists of waking up at 5 in the morning to get to work and be on her feet as she makes rounds with patients, staff, troubleshooting, being a patient advocate, meetings and more – she could almost name all stresses brought about her job. The good thing is, she still manages head to their work gym for some weights and even attend High Intensity Interval Training classes on Mondays and Wednesdays as well as workout with Darrell on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Against all odds. But she didn’t do much cardio as she does the moment she joined the challenge.

With her active lifestyle, the motivation which made her decide to join the program was the fact that she needed to change her eating habits – that means, cutting off with carb, specifically bread and taking in more greens in her system.

It’s the meal plan that made her feel accountable. She sticks to it as it has been outlined. Doing so, she was able to cut some pounds from 124.6 to 118.4 in just two weeks!

The meal plan is Andrea’s favorite part of the program as well as the support and motivation she gets from the group and above all, Dewayne.

The Transformation Secret

Losing weight is something that most people would want to achieve. And for Andrea, the best thing to do when wanting to achieve one’s body goals is to not be too hard on oneself as change does take time. A change in one’s lifestyle is therefore the key as well as patience.

Andrea is another satisfied member of the 1st batch of our 21 Day Transformation Challenge.

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21-Day Transformation with Dewayne Malone

Shoutout to those who wish to join our 2nd batch of challengers this 4th of June.