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Welcome to Dewayne Malone's 21-Day Transformation Challenge Membership Site!

NOTE: You are only eligible to join our membership site if you have joined one of our cycles at our regular price of $255. 

21-Day Transformation Challenge Membership Site with Dewayne Malone

CHANGE -- that is what we are challenging everyone to do whenever they join our 21-day transformation challenge.

Ever since May 2018, we have had great transformation stories from people who tried our program. And who would have thought that in 21 days and for only $255, these people would actually lose a lot of pounds than those people who pay for expensive gym membership for a number of months but still find themselves lost in track? Unless of course, if your training with a super motivating and passionate individual like Dewayne J. Malone.

$255? That's too much!

This is what people say especially if they have not tried our 21-day transformation challenge yet. But for people like Robbie Pape who has joined all our cycles, this $255 is a perfect price to get meal plans, substitution lists, workout programs, the 8-minute challenge workout routine, motivation from Dewayne Malone and other 21 day transformers, and the REVICORE FOUNDATION KIT which includes three golden supplements from REVICORE for such price! A worthy exchange, I must say.

The Membership Site: A Gift to all our Past Participants

Looking at our past cycles, we've also had several repeaters already and that only goes to show that the program is really effective that people are loving it. If I may add, once you've tried the program, you surely can't get enough of it!

BUT! It's not always that you have the luxury of paying $255 per cycle of Dewayne's 21-day transformation challenge.  Sometimes, people who paid for $255 do not always get the chance to maximize their time in the challenge because, at the middle of the week, he or she may have been bombarded with the workload.  Dewayne would want to help these people out by giving them another way to motivate themselves to bounce back at any time! This is also our way of showing our gratitude for joining one of our cycles at our regular price. You now have the option to become part of our 21-day transformation challenge membership site for only $34.99 per month. Now, imagine paying only $419.88 (For all those who already tried one cycle with us) and $639.89  (for first-timers) for an annual fitness package!

Think about the great opportunity to join all 12 of our yearly cycles any time you want! Being part of our membership site allows you to bounce back at any time you get lost in track by giving you a year-round access to:

  • Full-body workout programs
    • Dewayne is also thinking about gifting our members with new workout programs that would give their workouts a boost.
  • Meal Plans & Substitution List
    • At any time of the cycle, prep up for new meal plans that would help you in achieving your body goals.
  • Private Facebook Group
    • Catch up with our current group, motivate others and also be inspired by the transformation journey of other people joining our 21-day transformation challenge whenever you please.
  • Live Video Check-ins with Dewayne Malone
    • Get a chance to ask Dewayne for guidance and update him about your transformation journey by joining Dewayne's live video check-ins with all 21-day transformation challengers.

Your membership automatically renews every month unless you cancel your subscription. 

Register here and make a payment to access our member privilege.

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Full-body workout programs & 8-minute workout challenge

Meal Plans & Substitution List 

Private Facebook Group 

Live Video Check-ins with Dewayne Malone