21 Day Transformation Story: Jacqueline Clarke

“Our mind plays tricks on us, but you know who you are and what you want. Surround yourself with people who support and encourage you. And most of all, don’t forget that no matter what – You are lovable and beautiful inside and out.”

– Jacqueline

Transformation Story of Jacqueline Clarke

People always have that goal of changing themselves physically to look better and even achieve wellness in health. But sometimes, these goals are easier said than done. As what most may have experienced, they do great at the start but through the process, they start to feel lazy and later on realize, that they have left the work done and leave themselves with just thoughts of one’s goals.

That is what Jacqueline Clarke, one of the members of the 21 Day Transformation Challenge first cycle, had experienced.

It was always just a thought

Last February 23 of this year, Jacqueline signed up with Dewayne. She did her workout but she was never on a diet nor was she really pushing it. Although she was always active, she shared that there came a time when she just let herself go. That’s when she started eating her daughter’s leftovers, having dessert whenever others wanted it to, eating out of boredom and killing time snuggling on her couch and watching Netflix even during cardio days at the gym. The routine continues until she felt as if she always had her summer goals but she has never achieved any of it.

The Transformation Journey

May 3, 2018. Jacqueline finally decided to change her perspective of working out. She already weighed 137.2 pounds that time but signing up to the 21 Day Transformation Challenge motivated her to do better. By this time, she was already working out five times a week doing weights and 30-45 minute cardio. She made a commitment to herself to do cardio for an hour every day that includes, 3 times a week of running 3 miles and to continue doing weights 5 times a week.

Now on the last week of the program, she weighs 130.6 pounds. And it was indeed a great transformation for her. Though she had to be honest when she said she may have fell off the meal plan for a few times but she also noted that she learned so much.

“I now go to the gym when I want to get some energy and want to feel good. I am more patient, I can say “No” when going out with friends and they order food I know I shouldn’t eat because it wont feed my body or my soul, I am happy and see more possibilities in my future. Even walking the dog is now an opportunity instead of a chore!”

As for Jacque, she encourages everyone to keep going and stop listening to the negative self talk in one’s head.

You too can start your transformation journey and be like Jacqueline Clarke.

How to have your own transformation journey?

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