21 Day Transformation Challenge

Lose pounds in just 21 days with our 21-day Transformation Challenge! Only $97 for a three-week meal plan, workout, and a lot more!

TRANSFORMATION — it isn’t just about losing weight or doing your daily grind. It’s not about how big or small the change is. It is about shifting to a better lifestyle that includes learning the value of working out and incorporating a healthy and cleaner diet. That is what we would want people to realize as they enroll themselves for our 21-day transformation challenge.

Ever since May 2018, we have had great transformation stories from people who tried our program. And who would have thought that in 21 days and for only $97, these people would actually lose a lot of pounds than those people who pay for expensive gym membership for a number of months but still find themselves lost in track? Unless of course, if your training with a super motivating and passionate individual like Dewayne J. Malone.


A price that’s worth a lot! Our 21-day Transformation Challenge is originally priced at $97 when we started. After several months of being effective, our price hiked up to $150 and even $255 with the Revicore Foundation Kit. But overtime, we’ve realized that there are lots of people who fell in love with the challenge but are having a hard time meeting the price. So, in our hope to continue inspiring and guiding individuals to become their best versions, we’re bringing back the price of $97 with more benefits in store!

For only $97, our participants are able to enjoy:

  • access to a three-week meal plan with a choice of Super weight loss, Keto, Vegan or Regular Weight loss
  • a three-week workout program
  • our amazing 8-minute challenge workout routine
  • healthy recipes
  • food substitution lists
  • Bonus Challenges & Prizes
  • motivation from Dewayne Malone and other 21 day transformers, and;
  • a Private Facebook Group

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What is the 21-Day Transformation Challenge?

Dewayne Malone
Dewayne J. Malone Fitness Coach

The 21-Day Transformation Challenge is a three-week program to be run by Dewayne J. Malone starting May 7, 2018.

This program provides members access to workout routines programs, meal plans or recipes for a healthy diet, online video clips for workout coaching or live video encounters with Dewayne Malone, our 8-minute challenge and an access to a Private Facebook Group which would serve as a nest for communication between clients and posts relating to fitness and nutrition.

The program is also designed to kickstart your transformation journey by giving you a three-week meal plan and workout program to start with. Through your fitness transformation, you’ll also learn how to check out the substitution lists and even create your own healthy meals. While others are losing more than 17 lbs. in 21 days, this program seeks to teach everyone what transformation truly means. At the start, members will be provided documents for goal setting, progress tracker and a checklist for readiness.

Benefits of Joining the 21-Day Transformation Challenge

Dewayne Malone is one of Houston’s top fitness coach or trainers. He has trained over a thousand clients and helped them change themselves and even live a better life. In fact, these clients could attest to how effective Dewayne is as a training coach through their stories of great transformation.

Access to workout routines. 

There are no worries for people who are following a current workout program. Dewayne’s 21-Day Transformation will not disallow you to join other programs but rather maximize your resources by offering effective workout routines that would best lead to your body goals within three weeks. You may even use these references even after 21 days to maintain your fitness transformation. We also have our 8-minute workout challenge which you need to do every day and challenge yourself to beat your daily records.

Access to meal plan or recipes. 

Working out would be more effective with an effective diet. In the program, you will receive access to different meal plans which you may follow to ensure that you will achieve your body goals within 21 days. Recipe provision is also a bonus when joining the program.

Detailed Guide. 

Dewayne wants to make sure that you have carved out your goals well and so he will provide you with a goal setting sheet, a readiness checklist and a progress tracker to make sure that you are on track.

Accessible References. 

The best thing about joining the challenge is that it allows you to go through the references anytime and anywhere. Files are uploaded via Private Facebook messaging or sent via email as you wish. With this, you’ll have the leisure of time to do your workout or scroll through your suggested menu.


Dewayne can give a one-on-one in-person training for those who are based in Houston. You might even get free supplements to aid to your transformation journey or get free membership for another round of this online program for those who are outside Houston. Aside from such, Dewayne will be running bonus challenges that might allow you to win a REVICORE FOUNDATION KIT (with three supplements for health support namely Digest, Probiotics, and Protease) 

These are just some of the benefits of our program. Our first batch of challengers has seen the great transformation within 9 days. And they get more excited to push themselves to do better and bring out the best in them.

Revicore Foundation Kit

Protease, Digest and Probiotics – these are three REVICORE supplements which help you a lot in regulating your gut’s health and boosting up your metabolism such that it would support your goal in getting that dream body of yours. The Foundation Package by Revicore is a unique combination of three of our products that help digestion, absorption of nutrients, maximum metabolism, energy production, healthy circulation, detoxification, bloating, gas, constipation, GI tract benefiting digestion and a healthy immune system function. In Dewayne’s all-new 21-day transformation challenge, we add this kit to the package for a full transformation experience!

How to Join?

To join the program, you may send Dewayne an email at againstalloddsfitness1@gmail.com or you may opt to send his assistant an email at daryl.againstalloddsfitness@gmail.com

To send payment, please send it via PayPal to againstalloddsfitness1@gmail.com.

You may start whenever you want and wherever you are. But should you wish to join the group from Day 1, please see this calendar for the cycle dates: