21-Day Transformation Story: PJ Barnett

PJ Barnett Transformation - Dewayne J. Malone

When at once you’ve already accepted the fact that all your life; coffee, work, sleep and nurturing your family was all you can do as a working mother, PJ Barnett has proven that anyone can actually step out from one’s comfort zone and live a life that’s healthier than ever through a transformation like no […]

A Letter to Everyone from Robbie Pape

Robbie Pape - Dewayne Malone

It’s not every day that we meet someone as motivated as Robbie Pape. She has been Dewayne’s loyal client — for both in-person and online training. Today, Robbie shares her letter about how an online transformation program like the 21-day transformation challenge of Dewayne Malone can make a change in a busy executive and mom’s […]

21-day Transformation Story: Jesse Hackett

Transformation Story of Jesse Hackett

“Take one day at a time, trust the system, I promise it will work” – Jesse Hackett A transformation story. What a typical day for Jesse Hackett was could probably be the same typical day for most people out there — that is, waking up on a weekday and skipping on meals both breakfast and […]

Why You Should Always Drink Water

Thirsty? Sure you can drink all fruit juices or carbonated drinks but there is always that huge difference with how satisfying it feels after you get your thirst quenched after your drink water. Although it comes with different percentages, the human body — and almost all of our internal parts such as the brain, heart, […]