10-Day Challenge Testimonial: Stephanie Franklin

One thing I learned about myself during my detox process is what food can do to your body. I have not experienced detoxification and fasting, so it was indeed a challenge.

In my long years of coaching individuals, the most difficult phase is getting strict with their diets. For many years they are used to eating whatever food that satisfies their liking. No restrictions whatsoever. And that’s what challenged Stephanie most.

It was all in the beginning

Stephanie, when she started her first day on the 10-day challenge, would share how difficult it is for her to detoxify. She doesn’t have a problem with the workout routine but she said it was really difficult to get by without her coffee in the morning or the regular food she would take in the middle of the day. 

Dewayne walks her through the purpose of the nutrition plan and why she needs to stick with it. Eager to finish the 10 days, she commits to her diet and after, she can’t stop thanking for the result. 

In the end, it was all worth it!

Last December 2022, Stephanie joined the 10-day Challenge with her initial reason of “getting ready for the holiday.” She wants to chase her weight down and get in shape fast. She committed to the plan and was consistent with her routine. Every day she’s excited to tell me about the changes in her body. 

Aside from the fact that she lost her target weight, she noticed her skin became clearer, her mood became better, she has more energy every day and her sleep quality improved significantly. 

“Dewayne helped me break the chain of bad nutritional habits I used to have, and now I don’t want to go back to my old ways anymore. I’m tired of getting ready for the season and then falling back again. I want to be ‘always ready!’ I am determined to continue my transformation and set a balanced routine with steady workout and nutrition.”

She didn’t fall back on that commitment. She continued sustaining her transformation and winning it! The 10-day Challenge did not just make her thin but she completely changed her lifestyle and choices. That’s transformation! 

You too can experience transforming into your best version. Join the 10-day challenge and begin your best fitness journey!

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DeWayne Malone

DeWayne Malone

Narural Body Builder, Body Transformation Specialist and an Entrepreneur.

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