10-Day Challenge Testimonial: Rosa Mandujano

Working with Dewayne, I learned the benefits of proper nutrition. He helped me to be more disciplined, to choose healthily, and to set a goal and not let anything get in the way.”

There is a right way and a wrong way to change people’s bodies. Some trainers think that a similar method fits all but that is not the case for everyone. To get fit and lose weight, a good trainer should understand how our body works. In what areas should the person focus on and most importantly, nutrition. 

Her challenge…

Rosa Mandujano has always been physically active. In fact, she is consistent with her workouts for 6 years and has been with different fitness programs. But she never sees her body improve nor does her weight change a bit. 

She begins to think that it might be her age that challenges her. Age has a crucial effect on a person’s metabolism, flexibility, and bone structure but Dewayne strongly disagrees that it is her case. He believes that Fitness limits nothing. 

Her changes…

Rosa joined the 10-day challenge weighing 159 lbs. She is committed to finishing the challenge and doing her routine. Day by day we could see her body changes. She lost a lot of weight after she got strict with her meal plan which she said differentiated from this program to other programs she’s been in. 

She finished the challenge weighing 129 lbs… and counting! 

“My body gets better, it boosts my confidence, and it helped me perform better! I love my body now. I see my arms smaller, the gorgeous muscles around my chest, and the best thing of all, I can now easily slip on the clothes I had years ago because everything fits now!”

Looking closely at what you put into your body is an essential part of your weight loss journey. Weights are good when complemented with the right diet. The kind that won’t starve you but will transform you into your best version. 

As for Rosa, she continued adopting a healthy lifestyle. She says ‘no’ to unhealthy food and slips on the clothes she had years ago that fit her perfectly today. 

Begin your weight loss journey too and witness your body and health transform.

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DeWayne Malone

DeWayne Malone

Narural Body Builder, Body Transformation Specialist and an Entrepreneur.

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