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What Dewayne has done for me.

Working/training for Dewayne was/is this best learning experience I have ever had, he is continually teaching and mentoring me to become not only a better competitor, but a better trainer as well… Read More

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Are you ready to start working-out! I have developed a proven system that can turn your dream body into a reality? The Best Natural Bodybuilding and Body Sculpting specialist in Houston, Texas.

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Competition Training is instructed and guided by one of the best natural Bodybuilders ever do it.

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Our customized body transformation proves that conditioning is achievable. Dewayne delivers experience, inspiration, intensity, proven to burn calories, ignite up your metabolism and your energy.

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My customized Nutrition Plan you will learn to eat healthy, for a better life.

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Want to become an Certified Personal Trainer? There are lots of personal trainer certification options on the market, but only one Dewayne Malone Certified Trained. Contact me to start your career.

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My customized Workout Plan you will learn to maximize your workout for the optimum results.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

– Confucius