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About Me

Fitness is not just a goal but rather a lifestyle. It requires strong commitment, discipline, and hard work. The road to losing weight, gaining muscles, competing or staying in good health is never easy. Sometimes, all you need is someone to back you up with good support, motivation and guidance. Since 2003, I have helped people achieve their goals, get results, and do what they thought they couldn’t. As a personal trainer in Houston, I have realized that there are actually willing people who don’t have the luxury of time to drive their way to the gym and thus, I have extended my services from in-person fitness training to online fitness training, created fitness programs that will benefit busy individuals 24/7 and even crafting champions through competition training and creating avenues for them to showcase their best selves under the fitness shows of Natural Promotions Inc. 

What Dewayne Has Done For Me

Working/training for Dewayne was/is this best learning experience I have ever had, he is continually teaching and mentoring me to become not only a better competitor, but a better trainer as well…


Using the Power of Plants; We help athletes increase their overall health, performance, longevity, and athletic ability Naturally!


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